anyone know how to contact cheri for prediction part II
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JB0405 - June 14

She said nothing has changed... She still sees August/Boy! I am so hoping to prove her wrong... I pray that this IUI worked!


slowpoke01 - June 14

JB-i also hope that you prove her wrong let me know what happens i am getting so excited for you


JB0405 - June 14

Slow, you bought a smile to my face...thank you so much!!! Nothing but love for you!


slowpoke01 - June 15

JB-i go tomorrow for iui getting really nervous and excited but mostly nervous i was up all night last night couldnt sleep about to drive dh crazy right along with will you get to test? maybe august will be the month you find out the sex of the baby..just a maybe that is why cheri doesnt see anything different anyways i am getting so excited waiting on your me know the wait is about to drive me crazy even though it is your BFP that i am waiting good luck to you and i have a really good feeling about you i think that you will have a BFP so i am sending lots of baby dust out to you and everyone else let me know what happens


Otilia98 - June 15

Hello Ladies... Your post has sparked my interest. Who did you contact to get these predictions? Thanks!


JB0405 - June 15

SLOW, my saving grace!!! LOL!!! You are too much! I hope your IUI goes well tomorrow! You know, you're right about that angle of the prediction, but I wonder isn't that too soon to tell, aaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhh, WHATEVER!!! As a matter of fact she hopes I prove her wrong and get a BFP soon, lol!! You make me laugh, thanks for being nervous for me! I am crossing my fingers and typing right now, lol... fingers are crossed for you and for myself. Slow, remind me, is this your 1st IUI? Stop driving yourself & dh crazy, lol. If I make it thru next week with no af, then on Friday I will go directly to the dr's office. It always seems to come on Wednesday 2 days before the test. The last time, it spotted on Sunday and went away then returned Tuesday afternoon/Wednesday afternoon. Otilia, we emailed a lady by the name of Cheri... I included my name & I think my birthday... her email address is [email protected]. She can take a while to get back to you, depending on what's going on; although she's been pretty good recently OR you can do as I did and pay her $6 (worth it) and get a response in 24-48 hours, go to her website for more info:
If a dash appears in the address, please note that it doesn't belong in the address, this page just adds it as a continuation. GOOD LUCK to everyone!


slowpoke01 - June 15

JB- not sure when you find out the sex of the baby i havent thought to look that oh WOW you dont have much further to go omg i didnt realize it was that soon already i know you are excited god i cant wait for this iui and the 2ww to be over myself so i know that you are so readywell gl 2 all u ladies

Otila- hope you get a great prediction and hope that we all have our predictions come true soon


slowpoke01 - June 17

JB- had my iui today it was so painless and i was scared after my hsg dye test that it would be painful too but it was good so i am now in the 2ww i have to get progesterone test next week and test for BFP in 14 days well i will talk to you later good luck


slowpoke01 - June 18

where is everyone any more predictions?


slowpoke01 - June 18

just wondering how e1 is noone has been posting hope everything is good with all of you jb-have you tested yet getting excited for you i know your 2ww is getting close to ending please let me know how you are


JB0405 - June 19

Hey Slow, how are you? I am having severe gas pains...don't know where that came from...last night, it was really bad, could hardly walk... then it eventually subsided and it just came is really hurting... I literally stopped writing for 20 minutes to go lay down...yes I am at work, LOL... ok, I feel a little better! I hope this doesn't indicate anything bad... see there I go, over analyzing! If no af this week, strong possibility of bfp BUT I am not getting my hopes up................too much, LOL!!


slowpoke01 - June 19

JB- i am keeping my fingers crossed for you sounds promising though keep me posted i feel great no signs of pregnant or no signs of a/f so i dont know i still have a ways to go though since a/f is expected to arrive on the 29th so i will wait and see


slowpoke01 - June 19

how is everyone else doing? baby dust to all


JB0405 - June 20

Hi everybody, it looks like af is coming so hopefully the 3rd time will be the charm... will let you guys know if anything else happens! Good Luck to all!


slowpoke01 - June 20

jb- so sorry about that i was so hoping that you were pg i am here for you if you want to talk or need support


Kayanna - June 20

how do you contact her i wouldnt mind a prediction



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