anyone know how to contact cheri for a prediction part 3
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slowpoke01 - August 6

hey girls thought i would start a new thread as the other one was getting long. that is great NB and thayward that cheri responded to you so quickly and with such good news. good luck everyone hope all had a good weekend.


whynotme - August 7

I just got done reading the other thread and thought that I would respond on this one. Jamie, that's so exciting about having another baby and they could only be 18 months apart! Wow! Sounds a little like my prediction. She told me that I would have a boy and she linked me with FEB. Then she also sees a little girl and they are only 16 months apart. That's amazing. We already said that after we have one, that we will do it again!! I guess the main goal now, is to get pregnant with the first one, right?!!! Tawnya, that's so great to hear that she links you with a boy and Sept. That's the same as Jamie! Doesn't it just make you smile reading her prediction? The first time I read it, I cried my eyes out! It was so surreal! JB, I am so sorry that af showed her ugly face, but Jamie is right about still being able to conceive in Aug!! Your dr. is really getting aggressive with the injectibles. I hope that my dr. will be the same if this one doesn't work. I don't mind the needles at all, but I really like them to be prefilled. I had an awful experience with my trigger last Tuesday. Enough said! Good luck girlies and my Cheri be right for all of us!


JB0405 - August 7

HEY Slow & Whynot!!! I hope everyone finds this thread ok... I went back and alerted everyone to the new thread, it was getting very long. Congrats NB!!! Thay, I know it feels good when you get Cheri's prediction. I hope it all works out for us VERY soon! SLOW=JAMIE, interesting... well JB=Janae. Cheri gave me more info, here's what she said: "As far as drugs, and procedures, I am not being shown procedures at all, but there is a change of "drugs" needed." Lupron with Gonal F is the change but she said no procedures so I am hoping that we either do not do IUI OR we do it and Cheri's prediction is wrong... I am very intrigued to see what will happen... Thanks for the support ladies...


thayward7 - August 7

Good idea starting th new thread!
- T


whynotme - August 7

JB, did you pay Cheri for your prediction? I am considering paying, but I am really happy with the prediction she gave me for free. I look forward to meeting my boy and girl! Let's all hope that she is right!


slowpoke01 - August 8

whynotme i paid 6.00 for the in depth prediction that is on the other thread. JB-what a great thing that maybe she sees you changing your drugs that may be what you need..that is so awesome.this is so interesting to see what happens


whynotme - August 8

Still don't know if I will pay yet. I think I will see what happens after this 3rd IUI. I wonder if the Dr. will put me on 150 mg. of clomid or go to injectibles? I defintely know that he will be doing an HSG (which I just can't wait for....), and then I don't know. Hopefully I won't have to pay and FEB was the wrong month. LOL!


slowpoke01 - August 8

whynotme-i had hsg dye test done is a good test and if your tubes are blocked that could be why you havent got pg yet..also even if it shows they are open you may have a slight blockage that the dye cleans out for you so that is good that you are gonna get that done. i would do it again if i had to.


JB0405 - August 8

Hey Ladies... whynot, I did in fact pay her $6 for the in depth prediction! If you like what you've heard so far then hold on to that... you could always do the pay option later if you change your mind! When she said a change of drugs, I was a bit shocked as that is exactly what we'll be doing starting next week, after my appt. Needless to say I am intrigued to find out what will happen! The HSG was an experience, I had a great doctor do the procedure... a little uncomfortable but well worth it!! Good Luck to all of us!


tynadu - August 8

who is Cheri and do she have a web site


whynotme - August 9

Here is the website that I have for her. She is a lady that is trying to hone in on her psychic skills. She makes predictions on whether you will have a child and when and the sex.


slowpoke01 - August 9

also her email address is [email protected] you can email her and get a free prediction or you can go to her website and pay 6.00 for a prediction that is indepth. hope you get a good reading. JB_that sounds great that she said that and then they changed your meds. WHYNOT- i am like jb if you are h appy and satisfied with the free reading i would just wait and then later on maybe if things are different and you need a reading to reassure yourself then pay for one but if you are happy with the other one then there really isnt any since in paying for another one. take care and good luck to all i had trigger shot yesterday and i have iui tomorrow


JB0405 - August 9

Hey everyone... SLOW, IUI tomorrow huh.... GOOD LUCK. I hope it works out for you! Keep us posted! Hi whynot!!!


whynotme - August 9

Hye girlies! Wow Slow, I am sooooo happy for you. You will be exactly one week behind my IUI to the day! Did they do another u/s yesterday and see how big the follies were? Hey JB, how are things going in your world. Have you started meds yet?


thayward7 - August 9

Hey Gals, Slow... good luck tomorrow! That is so exciting! I am in the exact same 2WW as Whynot. We had our IUIs on the same day. Speaking of which, whynot... we are almost half way through our 2WW! Hope everyone is having a happy day. I JUST got up! It was so nice to sleep late - I have been sooo tired. Trying not to read into it! Take Care!
- T


JB0405 - August 10

Hey ladies... Whynot, I go to the dr the morning of next Thursday... I believe I will start the meds next Friday... Good Luck to everyone!


whynotme - August 10

JB, good luck with the meds. Do you have any idea how they work and when you take them yet?? Do you just do the injections on say like day 3-7 like with clomid? Hmmmm...I'm getting so excited for you because I just know that you are going to find out that you are got pregnant in Aug.!!!



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