anyone know about the instead softcups for ttc? Cendy?
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jessika - September 15

I wanted to know more about using instead to help concieve


Cendy - September 15

Hi Jessika, I am guessing you are talking to me CendywithanE. I just by accident found this on another forum I was reading and could hardly believe what I read. Here is the site
and on this site
I suggest going to to watch the videos about insertion. On the FAQ, the TTC topic is addressed The Instead Soft Cups are normally used for to catch your menstration. When TTC, you put one in right after BD to help keep the sperm from seeping out and closer to the cervix. Since they are fro menstuation, you can keep the cup in for 12 hours at a time. Also, if your partner is tired and does not want to BD, you can help him BD in the cup and then insert it. I know that sounds gross, but when you have been trying to conceive for over a year, you will do just about anything. You can get them at Walmart and Walgreens in the feminine products section. I believe they come in boxs of 12 and cost about $5-$10. This is my first month using them, and if I do not start my AF tomorrow I will be officially 1 day late. I hope I have answered your questions and hope it works for you if you should decide to try it. Keep me posted on your progress. Baby dust!


me - September 15

Not sure I quite understand why you would use these to TTC. If it is for menstruation, won't the sperm get caught in the fibers? It may keep the sperm from leaking out because they are trapped in the fibers. This doesn't make sense to me. Good luck with it.


D. - September 15

I've used them for several months. It gives me a greater peace of mind.

To Me: It's not fibrous. They are very much like a diaphragm. It's a plastic doodad that covers the cervix so it keeps the swimmers where they need to be so that you don't lose much.


Cendy - September 15

I agree D, they are a plactic rubber like substance, so the sperm does not get trapped in the fibers, cause it's not like an absorbent tampon.


bump - September 16



jessika - September 16

Thank you i am gonna check out the sites. What is AF and BD i have no idea? I do not even know if i am fertile now. I was 4mo pregnant the beginning of july and found out i had a blighted ovum my hcg levels were dropping and there was a sac with no sign of a fetus or heartbeat. My ob suggested to get a d&c rather than waiting for a miscarriage and i did. well i regret that because i got p.i.d. due to the d&c i bled for over a month and had really bad cramps. I still had hcg in me at 5wks so i had to have ultrasounds to find out they didnt get everything out of me i had a blood clot and fluids in my uterus. My regular doctor told me to finish my medication and it should flush out of me naturally. I followed her advice rather than having another surgery. I have had 2 periods since maybe 3 if i had one while i was still bleeding from d&c. I have been trying for 2mo and hope to concieve soon I am a healthy 19yr old and my boyfriend is 30 and a twin. I have went through a lot because 2 days before i found out about blighted ovum i watched my sister give birth. anyways i am scared because d&c's can cause ectopic pregnancies due to scar tissue and i bet i have some since the findings on the ultrasound and p.i.d. is the #1 cause of infertility and ectopic pregnancies. I will just pray and keep trying im not giving up yet I was also trying for 8mo before i finally did concieve. thank you and wish me luck i will let you know what happens!


Cendy - September 16

Jessika AF=Aunt Flow (your period) and BD=Baby Dance (intercourse)


me - September 16

I have never heard of them before and that's why I didn't understand. How are they used for menstruation then if they don't absorb anything? Please explain.


me - September 16

I just checked them out online. Ewww. It holds your period instead of absorbing it. Seems it might work well for helping control sperm spillage. I personally would never use it for my period though. Ewww :)


Cendy - September 16

They work like a diaphram, except you throw it away instead of reusing it. It traps the mentrual flow and the backflow of you partners ejaculate. Check out the instead site and it explains pretty much everything you would want to know about them.


Cendy - September 19

Update on my instead usage. I only found out about the cups kinda late in my cycle and only used three of them. My AF came Friday, but I don't think i got to use them long enough. I plan to use them this cycle and will keep you all posted.



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