Anyone Just "O" and On The 2WW Now?
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sherry06 - August 24

feeling lonely and a bit hopeless, since last month af was late for the first time ever by 2 weeks, and i was certain this was it, but was totally wrong, in every way. such a let down. this month, i know i just ovulated, i get pain, and the ++lh tests were telling me that, but i only got to bd 2 good days, and last night wanted to kill dh, cause i had lots of CM, and thought it was a great night to BD, but alas he went to sleep *grrrr*...iam frustrated with him, but i keep it quiet. we only got a short time each month, but trying to stay strong for the future. who knows right? anyone else just "o" or "o"-ing now, and would like to wait out the rest of the cycle with me, till test time? hugs, sherry


MollieJo - August 24

I should be within the next two days. Did you bd the night you got your surge and the next night? I think those nights are the most important. Last cycle we just did it the night of my surge and not the next night and 10 laters I got AF. My husband is now putting in more effort this cycle.


sherry06 - August 24

yes, those are the nights we did bd, so i guess i got a shot huh? i was just angry we couldn't seal the deal for just one more night, ya know? men don't realize how hard it is on us. i hope my hubby starts putting in more effort as well, that is great news how your dh is coming around. i hope you get your BFP this cycle. we can be 2 ww cycle buds:) **lot's of sticky baby dust vibes going your way**

hugs, sherry

ps- nice to meet you Mollie Jo.


krissy2006 - August 24

Hey the both of you, I am in my 2ww too. 6dpo. I feel your pain Sherry with feeling frustrated with DH. We had planned to BD all the week b4 O which was the 18th. But he kept complaining he was stressed and couldn't concentrate. Sorry if TMI. In any case we BD'ed the day before, the day of and the day after O, so hopefully we hit the target. We have been trying for 3 mos. Last mo I thought I was for sure also b/c I was late, but AF showed her ugly head only a while later. Hmmmf.... GL to the both of you this cycle, much sticky baby dust to all!!!


MollieJo - August 25

Hey girls, I got my positive LH!!! I started taking some generic Robtussin pills last night. My CM seems too sticky still. I hoping that will help. I get my blood drawn for progestrone next Tues. I plan to focus on college football, knitting and movies to get me through the next two weeks. I swear they are the worst and then when there are capped off with a BFN it can get depressing. It's really been a roller coaster. I am learning to deal with disappoints and to become more patient (on the bright side) and know that whatever the outcome, is what was meant to be...
Wishing you both baby dust and the strength to deal with whatever happens


JerseyGirl - August 25

I guess I'm at the "2ww" as well. It'll be nice to wait with you all! My DH & I have been TTC on-and-off since February ("off" when DH was too tired or ate too much at dinner!!!). For the past couple of cycles (which used to be exactly 30 days, but now I'm thinking they're 33), I was only spotting on days 1, 2 & 3. Day 4 would start my regular flow. So this time around, I am expecting AF on September 6 (which happens to be mine and my DH's 5-year anniversary of our first date!!). I hope she doesn't show, and instead, we get a + pregnancy test.


MollieJo - August 28

Hope everyone had good weekend!


JerseyGirl - August 28

Weekend was good. Just inching toward AF's due date (September 6th). I'm trying not to think about it, but of course, a very good friend of mine just told me that her sister is 9 weeks pregnant and WASN'T trying...


JerseyGirl - August 29

How are you all doing? The waiting game sucks, huh? Anyone have any symptoms? I certainly don't, which I'm sure means a BFN. Check in, will ya?


MollieJo - August 30

Hey JerseyGirl, I had my progestrone level drawn yesterday and I am going to call for the result. I think it's going to show that I didn't ovulate. Even though my I had an LH surge my temps have been flat. Maybe next cycle he'll put me on a stronger dose of clomid. I will post again today if I get the result. No symptoms for me except wanting to cry everytime I see someone pregrant. I am happy for them and jealous at the same time. I work in a hospital lab and run preg tests on ER patients all the time. There have been so many teens coming in with abdominal pain and test positive. AHHHH. It's been hard not to get bitter. I am always up down up down with my emotions....


JerseyGirl - August 30

MollieJo: I have had no symptoms... which is why I don't think I am. Is it possible to be pregnant and experience NO symptoms??


MollieJo - August 30

I've actually read that there was a study where a doctor gave women preg tests and told them to test if they felt like they had symptoms of pregnancy and more often the women that had no symptoms and did not test were the ones that ended up being pregnant. So yes it's very possible not to have any symptoms, that might even be a good sign


JerseyGirl - August 30

You just gave me a bit of hope, Mollie. Thanks :) Although I won't test before AF is due.


MollieJo - August 30

I got my result back. My progesterone is only 0.8. I guess I didn't ovulate. I am waiting for a call back from the nurse about what to do next.


JerseyGirl - August 30

Mollie: How long have you been TTC? Are you on any meds?


MollieJo - August 31

We've been trying for 6mos. My doctor started me on meds b/c I do not get periods very often (maybe once a year when not on bcp) He gave me prometrium to kick start my cycle and see if I would get another period naturally. I didn't so he prescribed clomid. So I had to take prometrium to start my period then clomid cds 3-7. I got my period on cd25 so he wanted to check my progestrone this cycle. It's way too low so now I have vaginal progesterone suppositories to use. I see the doctor tomorrow to figure out what needs to be done next. Infertility has always been my worst fear every since I was a teen and everyone around me was having periods like clockwork. I guess my fear came true. I am just glad that my husband and I found out now while I am only 24 and not later. How about you? Are you doing opk's? It sounds like you are pretty regular. I bet you get your positive within the next two months :)


JerseyGirl - August 31

MOLLIE: I guess it's good that you are young and found out now. I hope things turn around for you. As for me, yes, my periods have always been like clockwork - from the day it started when I was 15, to even after I stopped taking BCPs last year. For that reason, I am surprised that we haven't gotten a BFP yet. I guess we're not BDing enough, or at the right times. Throughout the 6 or so months we've been TTC, I've only used OPKs twice. I've known women who get so crazy with trying to get pregnant (have elective surgery to see what's going on "in there") and I really don't want to be one of those women. Because of that, we've been trying to do it as naturally as possible (no meds, no charting, no temperature-taking). So far it hasn't worked, but maybe this time it did. I'll know within the next week, when AF is due. I hope you're right when you said, "I bet you get your positive within the next two months :)" THANKS!



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