Anyone here trying to concieve twins?
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prin12 - July 11

I'm not useing drugs or anything just natural methods to concieve twins. I've done the yam diet and the extra folic acid. Anyone hear of aything else? It's probebly my last child and I want two more. Anyway just wondered if anyone else knew of natural fertilaty aids.


Mega - July 11

Hi Prin12. I'd love to conceive twins as well but my DH & I both have issues making a natural conception at this point more difficult so we're going the IVF route. However, I ran into a link on a different forum that might be of interest to you as you try the natural path. I hope this helps! Actually the other thread I found that link on was on this forum, but on a different board, Twins & multiples. You can probably find lots of good tips on that thread. Anyway good luck to you & lots of twin Baby Dust.



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