Anyone heard of Luteal Phase Defect?
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Kate - July 21

I had a miscarriage 3 months ago and have started ttc last month. I took my temps (no change I could notice, but took at different tmes of morning) and started taking OPKs around day 11. Nothing on the OPK until day 21, which I thought meant I had just had a long cycle around 35 days, but sure enough AF showed up on day 29. This means that the luteal pahse is not long enough to allow a fertilised egg to implant, and I have read on the net that this is referred to as a Luteal Phase Defect, or LPD. Apparently it is caused by a lack of progesterone and is common after breastfeeding, miscarriage or coming off the pill. Anyone else heard of this? If so any treatment/success stories? I am going for a Pap tomorrow so I will ask my doctor about it, but I would love to hear anyone's thoughts? Of course I could completely have misdiagnosed myself due to desperation to HURRY UP and get pregnant again, and I know you can't judge on just one month, but still.......I want to know!!!!


D. - July 21

LPD is easily corrected most of the time. Vitamin B6 is often used. But you don't want to over do it, since too much B6 can cause nerve damage. They may prescribe Clomid to help lengthen it. But don't lose hope. I've known quite a few women who started out with LPD and now have wonderful, beautiful children.

Babydust to you!


annette - July 21

Hi kate,
dont worry that your LP is too short. they say that the LPD is the easiest defect to correct, wrt ttc. They might suggest pregesterone to correct this. LPD occurs because there is not enough production of progesterone. SO cheer up, there is always hope. !


Becca D - July 21

Hi Kate,

Yes, I actually have that as well. My doctor actually prescriped the progesterone suppositories for me after my last miscarriage, I am only on my second month of actively I'll let you know how it goes. I'm due for AF on Sunday, would prefer if I didn't get it for another 9 months :), but we'll see!!! Good luck to you!!



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