Anyone heard of "Cobra"??
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hmm - June 22

Hi- my DH went and bought something called Cobra. It was from a GNC store and it supposed to increase sexual stimualtion and improve fertility by making his spermswim better. Anyone heard of this? Its in a redish bottle and has a snake on the front. and not to be giving TMI, but his erection lasted for a VERY long Anyone?


kimberly - June 22

yes i have and my spouse tried it, and his errection lasted hours, and that was scarey, so he aint using it anymore the dr. suggested not too.


hmm - June 22

Yeah, I was kind of sketchy on it. I think we are going to try a few more months before going for meds to help us out. And see a doc first before using anything like that. Thanks for the reply kimberly. are you TTC?? how long?


kim - June 22

i am trying for second child.



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