Anyone having IUI this month???
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hopeful2411 - November 15

After a year and a half of trying...I just started 100 mg clomid today and am scheduled to take one shot (150 Gonal-F) on day 9. This will be my first IUI. I have an appt to check my follicles the day after thanksgiving and if all goes well I will have my IUI on Sat and Sun. Just wondering if anyone wanted to join me???


Amysince70 - November 15

I will join you. I have also been trying for a year and a half. Tried IUI (no meds) once with no luck. My husband has low sperm count so this month they put me on Clomid to give his little guys more targets.They saw 5 eggs when I went for my ultrasound. Had a trigger on Sunday and and IUI this past Monday. So...I have only just started the wait.


Anna B. - November 15

Hi! I am having my first IUI this Friday. I was on clomid for 10 months with no luck. I started Menopur injections this cycle. I had an u/s this morning and they said I was ready for my hcg trigger shot tonight! I am praying that it works! Amy - I hope your IUI is successful! My dh had low sperm count too and I had trouble ovulating. Maybe this will do the trick!


Amysince70 - November 15

Oh! Good luck, Anna! Have you had a trigger before when you were on clomid? I never had a problem ovulating before and my periods are like clock-work every 30 days....Yet they gave me an HCG trigger and I swear to go I never felt like I ovulated. Did that happen to you at all when you were on clomid? To this moment, I wonder if I did. My boobs are usually sore right after ovulation and this time they are not sore at all. I feel less fertile than I did without the clomid and the trigger. I also had an HSG this month so I'm hoping that will help too.


Anna B. - November 15

Amy - I'll let you know how the trigger shot goes. I've never done it before so it will be a new experience! The Menopur has really made me feel fertile though - lots of ewcm!


Amysince70 - November 16

Yeah, see...I had NO CM at all this month on clomid...and I usually have a bunch naturally. I ovulate every month without help. I'm wondering if the clomid could have caused things to go into overdrive and since I had 5 eggs, my body saw that it would be a disatster and didn't realease the eggs? Something's up. Or else maybe the clomid just dried up the CM? What is menopur? What cycle day are you triggering? How long after is your doc wanting to IUI? Ohhhh......I'm feeling lucky for one of us!


Amysince70 - November 16

I meant to say that with the two of us going through LEAST one of us will pull through....I hope both of us!


Tink - November 16

good luck ladies!! Amy- so you had 5 follies? what size were they? i actually had 7 mature follies on my two IUI/clomid cycles and only 4 of the follies released actual eggs. when do you get to test? that's really weird it seems to have affected you opposite, i would definitely mention your concerns to your RE. well good luck to both of you! i've had 3 IUIs now and am testing on this last one tomorrow. this 3rd was with follistim injectables. i did an ovidrel trigger all 3 times.


Amysince70 - November 16

Ho, Tink- Thanks for the good luck! They were 22, 18, 16, 15, 11. And I was triggered 48 hours after spotting the follicles. Do you think it's possible the trigger was too late and I lost them? How did you know that only 4 of your realeased? They only did one U/S on me along with my mid cycles hormone bloodwork to see if I was ready to trigger. I know it's too early to tell and I hate to be negative but I don't feel pregnant at all right now. Anna- How did the trigger go? Did you notice any changes?


Anna B. - November 16

Good morning! We got through the trigger shot last night! It didn't hurt as much going in but it definitely feels bruised now. I took Menopur on cd 4-10 and did the trigger shot on cd 11. Menopur is like Repronex and Bravelle. They never told me how many follicles I had but the nurse warned me yesterday that I had some big ones and there is a chance of multiples. Hopefully everything will go well tomorrow for the IUI!


Amysince70 - November 16

Ha ha...I meant "Hi" Tink not "Ho". Anna that's great news! If you were triggered on day 11 then I'm wondering if it was normal for them to trigger me at day 15 when they saw follicles on day 13? I guess I will wait and see. I'll be routing for you tomorrow! Then you can come and join me while Iwe suffer through this 2ww!


Tammy_R - November 17

I too am going through IUI this month. I had my 3rd cycle day ultrasound today, and started my 1st ever round of clomid. I am nervous, (but thats natural right?).
Good Luck with everything!!!


Tammy_R - November 17

My follicle appointment on Friday too. Hopefully it looks good for both of us.


Anna B. - November 17

Good morning! I just had my IUI this morning and everything went well. Dh's sperm count was 39 million which is really good for him (last time it was under 5 million). Also, I had 9 follicles on the left and 5 on the right. One really big one on either side and 4-5 more almost really big ones. The rest were smaller. They said everything looked great. Now I am officially in the tww! Yeah!!!


hopeful2411 - November 17

Sorry I started the post but forgot that I did it. I guess i didn't expect to get that much of a response. It is so comforting to feel that there are more people in almost the same situation as yourself. Tammy it looks like we are on the same day. I am nervous about the shot but i guess no big deal after how many times i have already been poked at with blood tests. Tink when will you test?? Anna good luck it looks like you had a good amount of follicles. Amy my doctor told me that the follices grow about 1-2 mm a day. Do you remember what size they were? maybe they were too small and had to mature 2 more days. Again so nice to have support from people in the same boat. :)


Georgiatoo - November 17

Hi guys, It sounds like this is the right place to be. I had my cd 13 ultrasound this am with a disappointing 2 barely mature follices - only 15mm. This was after clomid and follisim. The IUI will be scheduled for Monday and I'm hoping for the best, but not feeling very confident. This is our second IUI - last month similar situation - follicles not big enough...Anyway, I wish everyone lots of luck this month!


hopeful2411 - November 19

Georgia.... How did it go did you have your IUI done. I will have my cd 12 ultrasound on friday. Hoping for some good news. If things do not work out this time i will have to skip a month because my cycle falls during xmas and i think the offices close down for a period of time. ANyways good luck to you. Anything else new with anyone???



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