anyone having iui and trigger shot in august
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slowpoke01 - July 26

elisa i think it is the day of the iui that he gives sample. i am waiting for a/f to start so that i can set up the first day of follicle monitoring and i am using donor sperm and trigger shot also. good luck to you this cycle


slowpoke01 - July 27



slowpoke01 - July 27

where is everyone today


whynotme - July 28

I'm here! I was sick yesterday and didn't get on here. Well I wasn't sick, just didn't want to go to work!! LOL! Jamie, did you get af yet?


thayward7 - July 28

Hi ladies... I am in Ottawa and had my first ultrasound and bloodwork to check how things are progressing... small follies still! Unexciting. I go back on day 12 and hopefully those little gals have grown enough to be significant! My doctor did go over a few things with me today... he said if this cycle doesn't work I have to take a 2 cycle break. Then, he'd like to use injectables instead of clomid. I will worry about that when I have to - hopefully I won't have to and this cycle will work!


slowpoke01 - July 28

thayward keeping my fingers Xed that this cycle works for you. whynotme a/f showed today. i am so excited i know it sounds crazy, but i knew i wasnt pregnant and just wanted to get this new cycle started. so today is cd1 for me. i will probably go monday for follicle monitoring and then back on day 10. so we will see. the nurse said that the last girl that did the monitoring came in on day 10 and her follicles were so muture that they went ahead and gave her the trigger shot so i am hoping. well good luck to you all


slowpoke01 - July 30

thought i would bump it up so you girls could find it when you come back care


thayward7 - July 30

Hey gals! Thanks for the positive thoughts. Had my day 12 ultrasound today - 1 follie is about 15mm. So tomorrow I just have bloodwork to make sure I am not ovulating, then another ultrasound on Tuesday and hopefully the follicle will be big enough to have my trigger shot that night, and then the IUI on Thursday morning. It's hard being away from home - but I know it'll all be worth it! How is everyone? Whynotme and Slowpoke... how are things?
- T


whynotme - July 31

Hey girls, I just thought of something while I was catching up on the posts. Jamie, Tawnya and I and all using sperm donors. We should change the thread name to anyone using a sperm donor. LOL!!!
Jamie, I am so excited for your new cycle. Isn't if funny how we can be in the middle of a cycle and look forward to the next one?? Always think positive girls!
Tawnya, we are almost on the same cycle right now. Today is my day 12 u/s at 2:30. I hope that I have more then one follicle this time. It seems like you and Jamie are havin alot more monitoring then me though. I am a little concerned that my Dr. doesn't do the b/w and he doesn't do u/s as early as day 3 or so. I know that ever Dr. is different, but I would be willing to pay for the extra measures to ensure my best chances of getting pregnant! Well gott work girls, talk to you soon.


slowpoke01 - July 31

whynotme you are right we should change the the doc was suppossed to call me today for follicle monitoring and i have called then and they havent called back so i dont know what the deal is on that. whynotme i wouldnt worry so much about the extra monitoring as long as they know when you are going to ovulate and as long as they dont wait too long to give you the trigger shot i wouldnt worry about it. tawnya hope that you have a great day and heres hoping that this is your cycle.


whynotme - July 31

Yeah I guess, but last cycle when my Dr. said "do the trigger shot on ------- and IUI on ------------ and let's just hope that you don't ovulate on your own before hand". I was like, WHAT!!!!????!!!! This time I am going to use the OPK's just to be 100% sure that I don't ovulate before the trigger. I am pretty excited about this cycle because DH might actually be able to come to the IUI this time. I know that Cheri predicted FEB. but I can still hope, right???


thayward7 - July 31

I love how you guys always make me smile! Be sure to let me know how your follicle monitoring goes! I get a lot of monitoring because the OPKs didn't really work for me - I used them for my first cycle and I think the timing of my IUI was off as a result. Have a great day gals!


slowpoke01 - August 1

thayward i feel the same way..i used opk's and no monitoring the last time i did iui and i think that the timing was off. so that is why i am doing the monitoring this time.


montie75 - August 1

Hello ladies, I am new to the forum and thought I would join you if you don't mind. I am using donor also. This is my 4th cycle on 100mg. clomid and 2nd cycle with ovedril trigger shot. I just had my IUI today. I do wish you guys the best of luck this month!!


slowpoke01 - August 3

montie- we are now on the thread called iui and sperm donor if you would like to join us there you are more than welcome to. these girls are really supportive



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