Anyone having extreme moodiness on clomid?
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Sara - December 9

I am 25 years old an have a beautiful 2 year old son. When we tried to concieve another child it was not as successful. My doc put me on Clomid 50mg and my first dose was 11-15-05. I just had a blood test ran 2 days ago and it is neg. I am so moody and bummed out I was wondering if it is the Clomid. I really would like to talk with women who have had a similar experience and compare notes. 2,3,6,10 head are musch better than one. I was hoping that if you have had a similar experience on Clomid you can tell me also if you have any story I would love to here them. My friends and family do not even know that we are tring I am embarrassed of not concieving on our own and do do want peoples pitty. Hope u can help.


Mega - December 9

When I was on Clomid 50 mgs my 1st month, I had a couple of what my friend called "Clomid Meltdowns." But that was just during the few days I was actually taking the drug. It's funny, I've been on Clomid for 4 cycles now and each one effects me differently. Some cycles I have hot flashes, some cycles no s/e at all, & one cycle I had a 24 hr headache. So not fun! So hang in there, your next Clomid cycle might not be so bad. But one thing that occurs to me, is by now the Clomid is mostly out of your system. At least the bulk of it is. Although it does effect everyone differently I guess. But when you take Clomid for the 1st time you have high hopes of it working the 1st time. I know I did. But for most Clomid success stories, the person used Clomid for at least 2 or 3 or more cycles. It's natural to be bummed when you have a - test. I just did my 2nd IUI (4th Clomid cycle) & when I did a HPT today (14 days after my IUI) it was BFN. I'm pretty bummed myself actually. But I have to keep believing each negative cycle gets me that much closer to my BFP & my dream of being a mom. Hang in there!


Holly - December 9

I am 30yrs old and have a 9yr old by natural conception.. had a tubal PG in 2001..and now I am taking clomid (now on 2month) 50mg and my mood swings this time around seem to be worse..It seems to have intensified my PMS symptoms. I had hot flashes and some mild ones this time around. I have had a headache the first two days....hopefuly not today. I had a lower level of progesterone on day 23 and I cried my eyes out.. AF decided to show up the same day. I fell sick today I don't know if that is part of taking clomid..I have felt off ever since I started taking clomid..Hope that it works for you.. :o) Mega..hope that you get to be a mom too..**Dust**


Mega - December 9

Thanks Holly!!! I hope you get your 2nd child real soon, too. Feel better!


Solange - December 9

Sara, I had 9 Clomid cycles and did not get pregnant. I remember that during the first 3 cycles (only 50mg day) I was really bad, sad, moody.... The things got so bad that I had depression and doctors put me in depression medication for 2 months. After the 3rd cycle my body probably got used to Clomid. I was 39 by then and now I am 41. I am TTC for 3 years and a half and we don't have any problem. Good luck to you


Sara - December 9

Thanks for your responses. I read some of your symtoms to my husband who rolled his eyes but I think that he understands it is not just me. Has anyone gotten preg. yet?


Mega - December 9

:) Yeah, my DH didn't act that sympathetic to what I was going thru either. But that should make your husband feel a bit more convinced all your symptoms are "normal." I think your body will get "used" to the Clomid too. I'm still waiting to be a Clomid success story.


Sara - December 9

Mega, you will have a success story soon especially if you keep talking to me it semms like everyone who talks to me gets pg but me. *****Baby Dust*********


Holly - December 11

I am really cranky this time around..don't know why..seems worse than the first time I tried clomid. Wierd! DH does not want to be around me because of my mood swings.. this is not good. .**Dust**


Sara - December 13

Well I started this forum because of moodiness and it has paid off. I am pregnant. Due 8-21-05 Baby dust to all


Mega - December 13

YAY!!! Congrats! Sara. Now your DH knows why you were so "moody." Good luck to you, have a healthy & happy 9 mos. Hopefully your luck will rub off on the rest of us. I just had AF pay me another visit--yesterday in fact, the witch--so maybe I'll get my BFP in January.



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