Anyone have Tricare?
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MollieJo - November 3

My husband goes on active duty starting in June so we will be eligible for Tricare. Does anyone know if it covers any infertility treatments or appts? My current insurance doesn't cover ANYTHING. Thanks


vette - November 11

Hi MollieJo to answer your question, yes Tricare covers certain treatments. You just have to get in the system and see your PCM and they will refer you to the OBGYN clinic. If they don't handle it on post or if they're backed up, then they will refer you to a specialist off post. Hope this helps a little. GOOD LUCK!


Tenk - November 12

Oh, they also cover RE appointments as well. They don't however cover any form of artificial insemination (IVF, IUI, etc.) They do cover Clomid, Femara, Metformin and lots of meds that you might need. I just verified this on Thursday of this week.


Tenk - November 12

Oh, and sorry for refering to it as Artificial...I didn't know how else to say it and those are the words they used when i was asking them.


flgirlwantingbaby - November 12

If you dont mind me asking is this for all branches of the service or just one in particular.


Tenk - November 12

Well, my DH is in the Air Force, and I use a civilian provider now, BUT when we were in Colorado, I went to the Army docs/ I would assume that TriCare is universal for all branches and not specific to one or the other when it comes to what they will and won't pay for???? I'm not sure, for sure, but I would say yes...<grin>


MollieJo - November 13

Thanks for your help. My husband is in the Air Force. I think I am going to take a break from ttc until July. Clomid isn't working and we don't have the money to go further until I can get on Tricare.


fatboy - November 13

Hi Mollie, my husband is active duty army and we have Tricare Prime. So far I've had all the blood tests run, a saline sono and next will have HSG. All of these are covered for me, but I don't know about anything past HSG since I havent gotten that far yet. Good Luck!


gracie123 - November 13

Hi Ladies, I have TriCare Prime. My husband is active duty navy. I had to see my PCM first then they referred me to the OBGYN clinic. I had an HSG done and an ultra sound. I'm going back for another ultra sound next week. They told me if the u/s comes back clear and dh semen analysis comes back ok then they are going to recommend me to a specialist. The one thing I've learned when using the navy hospital is ask lots of questions and be persistent.


vette - November 18

Tricare will cover almost every fertilty treatment except IVF. Right now I just completed my first round of injections and if was fully covered.


Tenk - November 18

Does tricare cover IUI tho? The Tricare rep that I talked to wasn't sure what it was and just said it was considered "artifical insemination" and it's NOT covered. But really it's not, or you would think. Does anyone know if that's covered or not? Oh, I got my BFP yesterday after our last child passed away at EVANS Army Hospital on Ft. Carson in March.


vette - November 18

Hi Tenk, I'm So Sorry to hear about your lost , and as you can see The Lord never takes anything he dosen't plan on replacing. And to comment, no it does not cover the insemination part, you have to have sex. But it does cover treatment such as injections and the Trigger Shot and instead of the IUI you just have to have sex the next 3-5 days after.Hope this helps. And CONGRADULATIONS ON YOUR BFP. I had my trigger shot on Thursday and now I'm about to start my 2ww.



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