Anyone have success with internet clomid
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Trisha - June 23

I have been perscribed clomid but am trying to save every cent I can in case I need to take this further. I have read where a lot of women have purchased it online. My question is, has anyone had a success pregnancy as a result of this internet clomid. I have a friend who got hers from, she has not yet become pregnant. Anyone???


Jill - June 24

I've heard too many negative things about internet pharmacies. Even if they do everything right, there's the chance it could be damaged in the mail. If you aren't home to get it when your mail comes, it sits outside. In extreme temperatures, the effectiveness decreases. I don't know anyone who has ordered any kind of medicine online, so this is all what I've read in the paper or heard on the news. I trusted Wal-Mart for my Clomid. The generic brand at Wal-Mart was only $25 for the first month. At least it isn't too bad. Call your insurance company to see if they cover it, and call around to every pharmacy in your phone book to ask the price.



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