Anyone Have Spotting after IUI
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DCL - September 18

HI All,

I had my 2nd IUI on 9/8 and the nurse said I bled a little bit that day. It went away but around Sept 13th I started to spot. It wasn't a lot each day but it lasted probably til the 16th. It was very light brownish in color. My nurse was cautiously optimistic that it was implantation but my hopes are sooo low that I don't think anything is going on... I am going Friday for bloodwork (preg test). Wish me luck!!!


SashaP - September 19

DCL I had it last week when I had my IUI done. I spotted the day of and the day after. The Dr warned me though she said she ruptured one of my cm glands while trying to get in. So maybe that's why you were spotting too.


greeneyedgemini616 - September 19

If you spotted that far apart it might be a good sign all though brown means old blood that could of taken it's time to come down after the procedure. I spotted with my first IUI and not with the second which is when I conceived. But I had some spotting about 1.5 months into the pregnancy because intially 3 embroys implanted and caused there to be a lot of blood. But only one made it in the end. You just never know keep your fingers crossed!!


TB - September 19

DCL ... I had a similar problem and couldn't find any answers on the Web. I hope I can put your mind at ease so you can get through the 2ww. I spotted every other day for the first week. My nurse told me to relax because it could be a number of reasons. She said as long as I wasn't saturating a pad, I shouldn't be concerned. I figured things weren't going well ... BUT last Friday I tested positive. You just never know. Look after yourself.


DCL - September 20

LAdies - Only a few more days left until I take my preg blookwork. I am going a little crazy and with work also nuts I hope I am not doing any harm to my body. I feel like my AF is coming and my nipples are a bit sore but I think it is the progesterone supp. I just want an answer. I forgot who told me but someone said that after 10 days of your trigger shot you can take a HPT test before my bloodwork. I don't know if I should if it is - than I don't know if I will make it at work on Friday. My poor DH's friends are all preg - 2 already had their baby boys last week and another one in December. One of my best friends is due at end of Oct and only took her one try with her 2nd attempt. Just pure luck! Anyway have to run to pick up dinner. Chat soon!


ali d - September 21

Hi DCL. I had an implantation bleed with my current pregnancy. However it was the equivalent of a very small blood clot and this happened only once. I;m certainly no expert, but I;ve not heard of these bleeds lasting days? Also, my bleed was very pinkish in colour and also appeared to have mucus in it?? But we are all no doctors, and I suppose everyone is different - at the end of the day, it's all inthe hands of the Gods. I really wish you the best of luck for the test!



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