anyone have pcos?
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amy - December 28

i have pcos, and i was just wondering if anyone has concieved on metformin?


amy - December 28



to Amy - December 28

I have PCOS and this is month 3 of trying naturally while on glucophage (metformin). Nothing yet but I am Oing now so that is a plus.


jcr - December 28

I too have pcos. Have 2yr old concieved naturally, one m/c (in April) that was concieved naturally. I have been on Metformin since May no luck, but has given me a semi regular cycle. One round of clomid did nothing, I am doing acupuncture and chinese herbs since sept. So we will see... I am due for af around Jan 5th. Good luck.


amy - December 28

atleast you're both ovulating. i miscarried in august, so i'm hoping again. i'm going on metformin at the end of january, i'm waiting for my endocrinologist appointment. good luck to both of you!


in NC (to Amy) - December 28

I am the one who posted to you. I can relate to your hard road. I have PCOS but ob never did anything to "treat" it. I went to RE and did many cycles of clomid...nothing...took a break and got pregnant (June 2004) but ended in miscarriage in July 2004. Again did 4 more cycles of clomid with nothing. Also had an HSG which showed everything was great. After taking another break, we decided to move onto injections in July 2005. 1st injection+IUI, we got prego in August 2005 which then ended in emergency surgery to removed tube which had ectopic pregnancy in. Amy..I feel you pain adn when you thin you cannot go need to gather the courage. In Oct. 2005, my new RE put me on glucophage instead of generic metformin saying better success. Insurance covered it until 02/2006 so I will be moving to generic (metformin). I did not notice a difference until November since my doctor slowly introduced the drug to my system. If nothing this month...back to RE in Jan to try injections again. Good luck and do not lose hope.


lori_tn - December 28

i have pcos and have tried unsucessfully for 5 years to get pregnant. i dont ovulate at all and a period is basically no exsitant to date its been 14 months since my last one i am currently taking a chemical dnc pill to try and have my period and i just recently had my first m/c 2 weeks ago didnt know i was pregnant basically gave up hope of ever getting pregnant. so maybe if i can get prenant once i can do it again and carry it to full of luck to the other women out there i took every fertility drug,had ovarian drilling done and basically was told there was no more options other than ivf for me and i still got pregnant short as it was im still appreciative.


jcr - December 29

I typically do not ovulate nor do I have regular cycles maybe 3-4 a year. I seem to be having luck with acupuncture and chinese herbs. I think I am ovulating, but very late-day 25-30. Which is better than nothing. Plus I feel so much better after an acupuncture treatment. My acupuncturist specializes in fertility issues and has shown me a long list of patients who have achieved pgs through her. So I am going to see.


MiaBlaze - December 30

I have PCOS, and am ttc my 1st. I'm on Metformin and on Clomid, but won't be starting the Clomid until Jan (my next cycle). One side effect from the PCOS is the high testosterone levels! I'm hairy and pimply! It is terrible! Anyone else with these problems along with the lack of O?


Lulu - December 30

I have all the nasty side effects of PCOS. hair, acne, skin tags, overweight, dark skin patches, you name it!


lori_tn - December 30

i also am hairy my albows and knees are dark no pimples though have had maybe 20 pimples in my life if i didnt wax id have elvis side burns and my forehead would be one big eyebrow lol


Kerri - January 2

Hang in there ladies....just wanted to shout a word of encouragement! Found out I had PCOS in July(High testoserone levels and some insulin resistance) DH had low sperm count too.....he took vitamin C and Zinc to help with that. Had HSG done in July....began Clomid in August. Clomid didn't do work for me, so I tracked BBT and had +OPK on CD 30 in September and began taking Metformin i dpo. Today I'm 18.5 weeks pregnant with my first and it's a little girl. I'm still taking 1000mg of the Metformin to help against gestational diabetes and so that the baby won't be huge. But everything's going well so it WILL happen and baby dust to everyone and Happy New Year's!


Kerri - January 2

That's began taking Metformin ONE day past ovulation and we bd 3 days in a row around the +opk


Emy - January 3

I have PCOS and conceived after 3 weeks on glucophage 500 mg. I was totally floored I got pregnant so quickly. Prior to that I had onloy ovulated 2ce in my entire life and I am 30! Glucophage (met) was my MIRACLE drug!


angieLA - January 4

i was diagnosed having PCOS last May. Weve been ttc for 15 mos. now, we conceived on our first round of clomid in august, but i miscarried in october. we opted not to do the d&c so we wouldn't have to wait so long before trying again. Now that you have my story - here's my question - one of my pcos side effects is that im progesterone deficient. my levels without treatment are zero. now i just finished my first cycle since the m/c - clomid, estradiol, prochieve - did bloodwork on day 21 to check levels, they called today and said my progesterone level is due for my period tomorrow and pregnancy test yesterday was negative...i guess what i want to know is if anyone knows anything about what im doing or progesterone levels and if 19.4 is good or bad...cant get a straight answer from the doc...none of my friends understand, they all have kids without a problem. please answer


Mega - January 4

angieLA--19.4 progesterone is good, I'd say very good. On a natural cycle most drs want a prog. level of 10 or higher, 15 or higher when you're using drugs, although my dr doesn't seem concerned about my 13. Though scales can vary dr to dr, overall I'd say 19.4 is a very good level. You definitely appeared to ovulate. HTH! Good luck. I'm sorry about your m/c, too. I've been trying the same length of time as you & was dx with PCOS back in April. Take care!


angieLA - January 4

thanks alot mega, i really appreciate knowing im not you think 19.4 is high enough to be pregnant? the nurse said to just stop the progesterone and have a period and we'll start over, but i'm terrified



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