Anyone have luck with Pre Seed?
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Alex - December 23

DH & I have been ttc for several months w/ no luck & I think that my lack of CM may be the cause. (I have u/s next month just to make sure). AF is very regular & I know that I ovulate, but I produce very, very little CM, & no EWCM at all. (I've tried all of the possible methods...cough syrup, grape fruit juice, satly foods, baby luck!) I've ordered some pre seed, & was wondering if anyone with a similar situation has had any luck with it?? Please help as we are beginning to get worried! Thanks!


ambrosine - December 23

ive taken pre seed this far a dpo 9 bfn..but i wait in haste. i know that there are a lot of women getting pregnant with it.....


Alex - December 23

Are you taking it because of lack of CM? From what I've read if you ovulate but don't produce much CM, it can create a hostile environment for the spermies...they can't get though. Good luck on getting a BFP!!


Anna - December 24

I have tried it before. I heard alot of success stories about it....I heard that it doesnt harm the sperm.. I am just wondering if I am using it right. Are suppose to insert the lubricant all the way in. or is it fine to just use some ont the opening instead of all the way in. anyone know?



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