anyone have cramps during 2ww but got pg
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aish - September 28

hi i had my 3 IUI and final IUI and i am 6 DPo & feeling cramps ...i am feeling so low ...
now if it fails i will have to go for IVF ....
anyone out there have similar situation


isa - September 28

aish due to all the hormones you are getting from the treatment (assuming you had a trigger shot and are on some type of progesteron support) you will feel cramps and probably every symptom in the book. There is no way to tell if the cramps you feel are from potential implantation or from the meds/naturally occuring female cycle. SO, Keep up good thoughts you never know until you do your beta. Good luck .


linds99 - September 28

Me too, I just finished my second round of clomid (two IUIs) and I am 14 days past ovulation and had weird cramps since 7 days post ovulatio, but I had them the last cycle and I was not pregnant. I wish you luck, hopefully this one worked for you though and you can forget about IVF.


HeatherP - September 28

Hi Aish! I am exactly where you are. I am 10dpo and just had my 4th and final IUI. If this cycle doesn't work, my doctor wants to move me up to IVF as well. I have been having weird cramps this cycle too but not like AF cramps. I hope it means good things for both of us! I am so scared to test and see another BFN! I also don't want to test too early and get a false positive due to the hcg shot. Stay in touch and let me know how you come out. Here's hoping we both get our BFP and not have to worry about moving on to IVF! Sending lots of baby dust your way!!


SashaP - September 28

Hi ladies I had an IUI this month also and I had cramps around 6 dpiui for about 2 days then they came back a few days ago. I got my BFP this morning so it may mean something. I hope you all get your BFP!! Good luck!


skeeter - September 29

I had iui today at 11 am and have been cramping for the past few hours. Not really sure why.


hoping - September 29

hi aish! guess what? it could also be implantation cramping! i was curious because i am 7 days dpo today and have been having mild cramps yesterday and this morning. a google search on "implantation cramping" yielded LOTS of results - it's very common but of course, could also be nothing. why am i not surprised? good luck!


aish - September 29

hi frnds thanku for the support. i know i shudnt think about AF but after every Failed IUIs my confidence is going down....i having same cramps when i had my 2 IUI s before...lets see what will happen. congrats shasha...happy pregn to u



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