Anyone have any info on injectables?
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babs - September 26

Hi, I haven't been on this site for ages as we've been having a break from clomid. I was unresponsive to it on 100mgs (after conceiving first cycle on 50mgs but miscarrying) As it seems that my body has stopped reacting to clomid, my consultant told me I will probably have to do injectables instead. I'm not seeing him properly till November (actually the due date of the baby we lost) and we're not aiming to start any more treatment till the new year. Just looking into any info. Would appreciate it! Thanks.


Tracy88 - September 26

Although I ovulated on my own, for some reason, clomid did not work for me. I had a laparoscopy then did one cycle of injectables with back to back IUI's and am now 6 weeks PG. I felt better on the injectables, gained less weight, and actually got pregnant. The shots did not hurt and were well worth the effort. Clomid was a nightmare for me, so the shots were a dream in comparison. Good luck and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I also have a friend who TTC for 5 years, did everything under the sun, and also got PG on her first cycle of injectables. Some women just need a boost to mature their eggs a little more, and like me, I think I benefitted from the IUI's as well.


babs - September 26

Thanks for responding so quickly. The docs didn't think I was o'ing on my own, clomid did work for me, the first time, and I got pg, but lost the baby at about 6 weeks. Since the it's unclear if it worked at all, as I didn't have regular blood tests or scans. Would you reccommend a laparoscopy? Did it really hurt? Also, what are IUIs? I've gained loads of wreight on clomid, which is one of the reasons I wanted to have a break from any treatment. DH says I seem much happier now, and I'm certainly less emotional now I'm not taking those silly little pills! I wish it was all simple!! Agqin, thanks for your quick response, I really appreciate it. It's so confusing, isn't it!!


Tracy88 - September 26

Babs, I recommend the lap because it might shed light on why you lost that last pregnancy. Perhaps nothing is wrong with you and the lap will reveal nothing, but you will at least know if the meds should work for you. The lap did not really hurt much at all. I had it on Friday and was wanting to clean house on Sunday but refrained so I didn't hurt anything internally. The hardest part was peeing for the first time. It didn't hurt, it just took a while for it to all come out. It was quite funny actually. I would disappear for 20 minutes at a time into the bathroom. Anyway, I just feel that the lap is what really opened up the realm of possibilities for me. I did that cycle of shots with confidence that at some point it was bound to work. IUI is Intrauteran Insemination, meaning my husband did his thing in a cup, they do a process called " washing the sperm", during which the slow or dead ones are sifted out, and then they insert the sperm into the uterus by bypassing the cervix. It's simple, inexpensive and painless. I did those two days in a row. Read the other threads about IUI's, you will learn a lot. I know what you mean about clomid. I gained 15 pounds on it and was an emotional wreck on it. The month I quit taking it I felt so much better and relieved to be off of it. I just couldn't take it anymore. It exhausted me.


thayward7 - September 26

Hey gals... I will be starting injectables in about 3-4 weeks, but in combination with the clomid. I took clomid for 4 cycles with IUI, without success. So, my RE wants to add injectables - Repronex. Have any of you used it? I'm not nervous about the injection itself (I've used Ovidrel to make sure I release the egg), it's the mixing that scares me. Smiles and Babydust... T


Tracy88 - September 27

Honestly, I was afraid to do the mixing too, but it is no big deal and way easier than you think. Good luck woth the shots, I am proof that they work.


tonia - September 27

hey when you mix the clomid and the injectibles, how much do you get of each? I just did 150mg of clomid cd3-7 and developed three big follies.


kotkot005 - September 27

hey tracy. well your story opened the horizon for me. it is just my story except for the happy ending iam longing for. and that iam irregularly ovulating. so i was diagnosed with PCOS. Clomid was successful in inducing ovulation out of 12 departed trials on clomid over a year and half one of them (actually the first ccyle) was successful and i fall pregnant. i miscarried six weeks later and guess what my body was akind of immune to clomid , it reacts , i ovulted but unfortunatly after that cycle i was not fortune at all. after the clomid plan has finished (inJuly) i took two months off and in my next appointment we will schedule the Lap. my doctor told me that backup plan depends much on the Lap.Outcomes but he is certain that we will use one of two choices: Inject. with IVI or Inject Without IVI if the lap comes back with normal outcome. well your story lightened aspark of hope and i am really looking to start injectibles and iam praying that it will work for me. i will keep you in touch. lots of love .. wish you a very safe pregnancy.


babs - September 27

Thanks for all the responses guys! I'll certainly ask about a lap when I see my consultant. I was under the impression that my miscarriage was just really bad luck as it happened so early. I do have one DD, just turned three. She's very cool, and we're so lucky to have her. How does the monitering work whilst you're injecting? Are you scanned daily? When do you start the injections? I mean is it like clomid - on certain days- or is it just whenever you want? Sorry to ask so many questions, but it's so long till I see anyone here and I've just been thinking about it! Thanks guys, BABY DUST TO YOU ALL!! Tracy - you'll have to keep us all in the picture as your pg prgresses, it lovely to hear other people's success stories!


kotkot005 - September 27

hey babs. well i have read your posts and same to me , i became immune to clomid while it was successful to induce ovulation and get me pregnant in one out of 12 cycles. so ask your doctor about the Lap. this is what i will do before starting injectebles. wish u good luck and by the way i do not know the answers for most of your questions as i havnt started injections yet.


thayward7 - September 28

Tonia, I will be taking 50 mg of clomid from days 3-7 and Repronex injectable once a day from days 6-8 (I'll check on exactly how much)- I will have ultrasound on day 8 to determine if I need to continue with the injections further, or ready to have a trigger shot. Smiles and Babydust... T


Tracy88 - September 28

Hey Babs-to answer your questions about monitoring and such....... On cd3 you should go in for your first scan. This is to see if you have any cysts or anything. If there is nothing, you start your injection that night. I was on a low dose of gonal-F, and did one shot every evening around 7:00. About four days later I went in for my next scan to see how the follicles were growing and how many there were. I stimulated very well, so they just wanted me to do one more night of shots, give myself the trigger shot the next evening, and come in on Sunday and Monday for my IUI's. When I went in on Monday for my second IUI, I was ovulating, I could feel it. All in all, I had two scans, but the norm is about 3 and sometimes four. I also had blood drawn on certain days to check my estradiol level. Let me know if you have any more questions.


Tracy88 - September 28

Oh, and just to be clear, you do injections pretty much like clockwork. They prefer them to be started on cd3 and they like them to be given at the same times each day. There is no guesswork, you are given very specific instructions, but they are very easy to follow.


babs - September 29

Tracy - thank you so much for all the info. I'm starting to feel quite positive about the injections. This time off any medication seems to be doing us some good too! We have my siter and her kids staying with us at the mo too, so everything is too hectic to get pg anyway! I'm definately going to talk to my consultant about the lap, and I'll be really interested to see what days etc I have to do all the stuff (I'm in England and it seemed that our cycle days for clomid were always different - don't know why!!
Anyway, thank you so much for all your advice and info, it makes the wait so much easier to deal with! I hope your pg goes really smoothly, how are you feeling at the mo? Any sickness? Wishing you all the very best.


slowpoke01 - October 3

go to fertility if they put you on gonal f you may be able to get it free. i dont have to use injectibles but i thought that you may want to check this site out. if you register they will send you an information packet.


gmh - October 3

Ask about Femara, I had issuse with clomid but had a better reaction to femara.



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