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JENZEY - March 3

I went to my fertility doctor this morning for my u/s to see if Clomid is working. I have 1 follicle on the left they told me it was 21x18 (is that good) He said I should release Sat. ,Sun.or Monday. But when he did the u/s he told me I have a tilted uterus. I can't believe after all this time it was just noticed today. Does that make it more difficult to get pregnant? My doctor didn't seem to be to concerned about it. He told me that it is o.k.????


Becca - March 3

I have an extremely tilted uterous (my cervix faces my tail bone) and I asked the RE about it at my last IUI if it was part of the problem of me not getting pg with just the drugs and intercourse. They told me no. She explained it to me but I don't remember all about it. I have always had a tilted uterus but the gyno never mentioned it to me so I was shocked when I found that out and then was told that is probably why annuals are so painful. They said that is about the only bad side effect plus sometimes women have pain during sex with it. Hope that helps!


JENZEY - March 3

Thanks Becca, I am looking online for info on tilted uterus's & I keep getting tipped uterus....Is that the samething? I don't know which way mine tilts my doctor didn't say.


Pinky - March 3

yes jenzey it's same. It has 3 name tipped. titled and retorveted (may be spellin error) I also have titled uterus. I m trying from last 6 months. I went to doctor last month and she told me this can be the resion why i m not getting preggo...She prefers doggy position and after BD stay in that position for 1 hour. She said may be because of titled utterus my sperms are not getting in and instead they stands behind the cervix. I hope this helps...BUT I M DOING SAME THING FROM 6 MONTH!!!...I TOLD TO DOCTOR...she had no answer she ask me for my DH sperm count and try for another 3 months using fertility monitor and than come back....this is my second trial after that. Let's see..I m due on march 14th..than we will plan to check my dH's sperm count. He don't like to do it though what we can do..hope for the best...


Ann - March 3

Jenzey, my mom had a tilted uterus, and she had no problem getting pg and had 3 healthy babies. I've heard that it usually does not affect fertility. Your follie sounds good. They consider it to be 19.5mm right now for you. (21+18)/2 is how you calculate that with your numbers. The follies usually grow about 2mm per day until they release. Good luck!


PrincessElbows - March 5

HI Jenzey, I also have a tilted/tipped/retroverted/inverted uterus. We've been ttc for 2.5 years, had one m/c one year ago. My doctors have told me that sometimes it might be a bit harder to get pregnant, one suggested raising my legs after sex to make sure the sperm gets to the uterus and stays there. My mother had 4 pregnancies (3 kids, 1 m/c) all with a tilted uterus. I read up on it, I think it's fairly common, something like 1 out of 3 women have a tilted uterus, and there are lots of them getting pregnant! Good luck to us tilted girls!


JENZEY - March 21

bump for Becca


Pinky - March 21

welcome back. Any news from you? I am also concern about tipped utterus. May be it's giving hard time. I am on day-8 of the cycle and waiting for ovulation.


Elena - March 22

no it does not make it more difficult! I'm pregnant right now currently 13 weeks and 1 day and I have a tilted uterus and I have PCOS. So don't give up you can get pregnant. My girlfriend is currently 21 weeks pregnant and she also has a tilted uterus and PCOS so it really does not mean anything. I wouldn't worry. I even heard that having a tilted uterus means a quicker labor so I've heard.. ***GOOD LUCK***


Elena - March 22

Oh I also forgot to say that sexual postions don't mean anything Both my friend and I got pregnant being on top. It took me a year to get pregnant with many treatments and surgery it is possible. Main thing is don't stress once I stopped I got pregnant. good luck sorry so long!!! *** BABY DUST***


Becca - March 23

Jenzey, thanks for bumping this for me.


helena - March 23

Not at all id think. I was told i had a tilted uterus and im now pregnant with my second child no problems. So goodluck!


worried - March 24

Is a tilted uterus the same as a curved uterus?
I have pcos and I have done 3 failed IUI's- the first 2 were painful - Dr said my uterus was slightly curved making it hard for her to insert the catheter- when she took it out I could see that the catheter was bent/curved. On the 3 IUI procedure I had a full bladder which helped to straighten my uterus guided with u/s.
Does a curved uterus make it harder to get pregnant and or does it make complications during pregnancy/childbirth?



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