Anyone Has UNITED HEALTH CARE PPO insurance?
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aish - December 3

does anyomne has this insurance and whether it cover part of IVf treatment....or the medicine....please help me


Ann1 - December 3

I used to have it. All plans differ by company plan, but mine covered ivf and the meds up to 25k. In other words, you could do at least 2 cycles that would be covered.


tonyaandjoe - December 3

i have john deere which is soon to be united health care mine is hmo and it does not cover anything to do with the fertility.


pdodero - December 4

I have it and when I called to check on infertility testing they said they would cover testing ivf and any other treatment i needed. Of course I was getting a tr which is not infertility so they said they would not cover anything. they did pay all my infertility testing I would just call the Number on the card and ask to make sure what is and is not covered good luck!


cspears99 - December 4

HI I have it, here in California and they cover absolutely nothing for infertility?? good luck, other than that I love the insurance. good luck


aish - December 4

thanku so much for telling me . i am cross\ing my fingers i hope it cover little bit


Tink - December 4

it doesn't matter which insurance you have- it depends on what your company contracted to pay for/cover. United might offer fertility, but your company could have chosen to waive it from what i understand- it all varies by individual company plan. so united for me and you could be very different. I have Cigna now and it covers IUI, but not IVF. it has covered bloodwork and u/s too, but not sure if that is because of how the RE is submitting them (under endo)?? So far, i've only had to pay for the drugs and injections (which aren't cheap). come january, the company is switching to united though and it won't cover anything fertlity- no IUI. I am going to call soon to verify what they cover if anything. hopefully i'll get in one more IUI before 12/31~



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