Anyone had ultrasound for pelvic pain??
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NicoleM - June 13

I've been having pelvic pain for past 2 months and OB wants to do u/s to see what's going on. Was wondering if anyone else had similar experience. What did they find? I did have an hsg and that was totally normal. I have always had normal paps and pelvic exams, never any std's. I have been ttc for 2 years, but had no pain until 2 months ago. Did have severe cramps as a teen during AF, but this is pain throughout my cycle, not just AF. It's nothing unbearable, but worrisome...


aish - June 14

hi nicole,
even i expd lot of cramps...and dont know why this ...
Actually i asked my doc whether i had endometriosis or not she said cant tell u by ultrasound ...even my hsg is normal and evrthing is also normalbut still always crampy in my 2ww ...Actually i am gonna ask my doc again as i am fed up with this bloody pain


eden - June 14

Hi NicoleM. Your recent post sounds very similar to my situation. I too have pelvic, I say discomfort. Not painful, but a few days after ovualtion I can feel something going on down in my pelvic region. Sometimes I have rectal pressure as well. My hsg was normal, as were my many ultrasounds, including many vaginal. I suspect endometriosis, but my RE wants to wait to do the lapraoscopy. I have had a child who is now 4, but have had no luck for two years of trying now. I have had many IUI's. My dh does have low sc, but I wonder if I have some build up down there. My doctor and even RE seems to think it is part of my cycle, and I hope this is true, but definitely feels odd!! Sorry if I am rambling, but I am relieved someone can finally relate to what I have been experiencing!!


NicoleM - June 14

Thanks for the replies. Eden, I know how you feel. How long have you had? I think it's weird that mine has been only the last 2 months. I agree it is more discomfort than pain, sometimes I barely notice it and sometimes there are pretty sharp pangs. It's sucky b/c just trying to research it I'm coming up with nothing... it's all so mysterious. I also get the distinct impression that many docs think it's all in our heads which makes me pretty mad. I mean b4 infertility I pretty much never went to the doctor - and then it was 2 years of ttc b4 I did - and I've only been twice since then - one intial infertility consult, one for hsg... it's like if they can't figure it out it must be in our heads, you know. My ob has been ok though. She want to do the u/s, but i'm having a hard time getting a hold of her to schedule it...


eden - June 14

I have felt this discomfort for several months... maybe 8 months now. And I know what you mean about docs thinking it is all in my head. I have even kept a journal to bring to appts and they aren't interested. My RE is very good. I am going to push for a laproscopy because my rectal pressure is pretty substantial later in my cycle. I am scared to death of this procedure, but at least I would know! When do you go for your ultrasound? Unfortunately this will not detect endo, but possibly an answer.


NicoleM - June 15

Hi eden, I don't know when I'll have the u/s - it's looking less and less likely. My ob said she wanted to do one, but I'm having the worst time getting in touch with her - we are moving to another city in 10 days! I was really hoping to get it done b4 we move and i have to start over with a new ob! Good luck on your lap... I know you'll be fine - it's always a bit nerve-wracking having surgery.


aish - June 15

hi eden,
do tell us what was ur lap result,u know i have same symptoms like u and also leg pain ,sometimes i faints during period& rectal pressure but my RE said that no Lap but we will do 3-4 IUI before going for LAP ...i am feeling so bad.. i had my 1 IUI with negative results & i insisted my RE but she said no to LAP...


lovemy3 - June 17

I have similar pains to this and am getting checked out on tues. I suspect mine is from adhesions. I have had 3 sections. we are ttc #4 and it is not happening after 6 months and I think its due to adhesions.


NicoleM - June 20

well, finally got the u/s scheduled for this Thurs. will let you know what they say...


eden - June 21

Nicole, I look forward to your results. As for me, I have had my discomfort, but strangely, it wasn't as bad. Feels as if AF is on her way. I think she'll hit this weekend while we're camping. I go speak to our RE tomorrow am. I am going to push for lap. and/or IVF. We'll see. I'll keep you informed.


NicoleM - June 22

Hi eden, just wanted to let you know I had the u/s today. They found two very small fibroids that they said shouldn't cause any problems. Other than that everything looks fine. Are you going to get the lap??


eden - June 23

Hi NicoleM. I went to see my RE yesterday and he is not having me go for a lap. He thinks my discomfort is due to enlarged ovaries due to follicles. I hope he is right, but I think there is something to say about intuition. He wants to do a couple more cycles with IUI to see what happens. May have to move to IVF which is a lot of $$$$, but will do what we have to do. I wonder if all Re's are as hesitant about doing laps????? I am happy to hear everything turned out okay on your u/s. Is it your fibroids that are causing the pelvic discomfort? How long have you been trying to conceive. What is your age?


NicoleM - June 24

Hi Eden, I really hope your IUI's are successful! Good luck! I am 29 and we've been ttc for 25 months - a long time. Anyway, they have no idea what is causing the pelvic pain, so I don't know what to think about that. I am hoping it will just go away. We're moving Monday, so I will have to find new doctors. I haven't seen an RE yet, but will start once we move. We're going to give the hsg another couple months first. How long have you been ttc?



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