anyone had tubes cut and tired and now want a baby?
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nixxy - February 12

hello ,thanks for taken the time to read my post.
i have had my tubes cut and tired and told i wont be able to reverse them,and ivf will be the only way... anyone else had tubes cut and tired and now want a baby??? any info would be great....


wantanotheraftertr - February 12

I had my tubes cut tied and burned 12 years ago. I had tubal reversal surgery in Oct 2006 and am currently TTC. It depends on how much tube as left (how much they removed) as well as where the cut was made if it's too close to the uterus they can not reattach them. My reversal was sucessfull. and I still have 6cm of tube left on both sides. you would need your op report and maybe a dye test done to see how mush tube is left on the uterus side. good luck and how you baby dreams come true!


tonyaandjoe - February 12

i had my tubes tied 10 yrs. ago i had a reversal done in 06, and is still trying to concieve my surgery is successful i just have to time it just right. wantanotheraftertr where did you have yours done at?


wantanotheraftertr - February 14

I had my tr done in Ft. Collins Colorado How about you Tonyaandjoe When did you have yours done?


friendtilthend - February 14

Nixxy Hello I am new to this forum just seen your post.. I had my tubes tied about 10 yrs ago. How ever shortly after I went thru a divorce and now have remarried. My dh has no children of his own . We did an IVF cycle May 06 it ended in m/c. We tried again in Nov 06 and are currently pregnant 4 months now. They were unable to reverse the tubaligation due to my tubes being short.



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