Anyone had success with IUI and low sperm count?
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Susan - November 27

Hello, I just went for my third IUI yesterday morning. I've had all the tests- HSG, V. ultrasound, blood tests and there are no problems on my end. The only problem we have is borderline abnormal sperm. After the sperm is washed for the IUI the count is around 4 million. The motility is better than average. Has anyone gotten pregnant with a sperm count this low? Thanks, Susan


dea - November 28

Hi SUSAN: I just had my first IUI. My DH'd count was 4.6 Million (that was with 2 washes combined!!). I am not pregnant. We will try again in a couple of months. One interesting thing: we learned that if my DH is sick or has any kind of infection it decreases his sperm count. I've heard that is normal for most men. Something to keep in mind when planning IUI. Example: If DH gets the flu this month, next month his counts may be lower. I've been told it takes 60 days to produce sperm. But- in our experience, DH's counts were affected from a bacterial infection the next month- not in 60 days. Hope this info helps. I hope you get the BFP in a couple of weeks.


Lori - November 28

Hi Susan! My dh also has abnormal sperm. We had our first IUI on 11/22, his counts were 12 million with 82% motility after washing. Our RE said that was very good. I asked about "morphology" (abnormal sperm) he said they don't look for that because it would take too long. But, something my GYN said to me always sticks with me at times like this. He said "always remember that it only takes one sperm to fertilize an egg". So, now we are in the 2ww and I don't test until 12/9. Just wanted to share - we are basically in the same boat. I hope this helps alittle anyway. Take care and good luck to you!


isa - November 28

Susan we also have dh probs and we are doing iui's. We were told the motility is more important than the number as long as you have the minimum number which you do. The better the motility and yours is great at 85% the better your chanes than more sperm and less % motility because its the swimmers that have to get to the egg. Keep up positive thoughts, put him in 100% cotton boxers and no hot tubs or alcohol. Put him on a good multi vitamin (we were told by RE stresstab z-bec (zinc, vits b, e and c) and they are about 13 or $14 at the drugstore.


Susan - November 28

Thank you ladies! it helps to know that others are in the same boat. Good luck to all of you!!



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