anyone had pain /cramps after ovulation & got pregnant
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jun - December 9

anyone please help me i have cramps soon after O , i took clomid 10mg... could i be pregoo or not i know i will get my af soon but still wants to hear from someone with + thoughts


jun - December 9

not 10 mg but 100 mg clomid


Anna - December 9

Hey jun! Still having that cramping huh? Implantation will occur between 6-10 days after ovulation. If your going to get implantation cramps, then that's about the time it would start. I reread your other post on the Alli's forum and you said it was about 6 dpo that it started? That sounds about right to me. Mine started about 8 dpo It continued for about a month or so after that (which is totally normal). Are you having any other s/s? Sore bbs/nipples, spotting, etc...? Sweetie, just wait it out and test when your af is due. Let me know what happens, ok? Best of luck to you and I hope you get good news! *baby dust*



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