anyone had LAPAROSCOPY?
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patty - March 28

jaqi-thanks for responding and good luck ! my surgery is on thursday.well, they told me to show up thursday on an empty stomach -first i see the anesthelogist and then i guess in the afternoon surgery . i already did the pre-exams last friday. i am not sure about one thing- kelly ann mentioned about the prep the day before. they never mentioned anything like that to me- does anyone knew -has anyone had that ? i am nervous !


Mega - March 28

Good luck Patty! I'll be thinking of you on Thursday! It's scary I know, but just think, it's only a couple more days then it'll all be over & you will finally have some answers. Remember, drs all have different ways of doing things. I'm sure your drs would tell you if any more prep was required of you. It sounds like they got done what they needed last Friday. Hang in there!!!


Sweetpea - March 29

I had my lap done yesturday. It went fast, I have two marks, I'm not sure what they lloklike because they're bandaged up. I'm sore and resting but besides that everything went fine.


patty - April 2

well--i finally had my lap done !!!!!!!! it wasnt so bad at all !!!!!! i live in italy so things are done a bit different here.i went to the hospital on thursday for recovery at about 10 am. i had the surgery at about 5:30 pm and it finished at 6:45 . they also did an hsg and isteroctomy while i was asleep. i have four incisions which are stiched the only pain is when they feel like they pull. and i can not really walk upright yet. . the surgeon said i had alot of scar tissue-adhesions. the surgeon said it was a mess! but they cleaned me up well. my right ovary was full of cysts and they took them out. the thing that worries me is that they found a mass wrapped all over my intestines and touching my ovary. they had to send it in to the lab. the surgeon said it is 99.99 percent ok. --but it does scare me ! i had to stay in the hospital until saturday morning. which was good becuase i rested alot. the only thing is--i i did not pass alot of gas-how long does this uncomfortable bloated feeling last ?


Mega - April 3

Hi Patty. I was just stopping by this thread to check on you. I'm glad the lap went well for you & you're doing okay. So was the scar tissue endo after all? Or are they sure yet? If the dr is 99% sure the mass is okay, I'm sure it's really begnign & they'd tell you if they thought otherwise. Besides the risk for cancer at your age is pretty low. Good luck though & keep us posted on the lab results. So when you say they took the cysts on your right ovary out, was it sort of like doing ovarian drilling then on the ovary? That could be really good for your future fertility if that was the case. Fingers' crossed. I had bloating from the gas for about a week or 2, but don't worry it'll go away soon.



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