anyone had LAPAROSCOPY?
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patty - March 22

hi.-i need laparoscopy at the end of this month. and as usual, i am scared. can anyone tell me about it-what is it like? how long does it last ? recovery period? and the steps that doctors usulally take after ? thanks !


florabel - March 22

I had one in July. I have endometriosis.
It really wasn't bad at all for me. the only thing I had was the constant urination after the surgery but that went away. I slept a lot and walked slow for the first couple of days but no pain or real discomfort.
Good Luck


Mega - March 22

Hi Patty. I gather you had your appt. today. Wow, they're scheduling you in pretty fast for the lap, aren't they. That's really good actually, less time to worry about it. I was on the table for 1:20 or so, but I didn't have any endo, they just did the Ovarian Drilling. I had no problem with the anethesia, the dr knew it was my 1st surgery & gave me lots of good drugs to prevent nausea, etc. I wasn't too bad off the first day, though my DH reminded me they'd pumped me full of Morphine & Tortadol. You'll probably be groggy for a couple of days, mainly b/c of the anethesia. I was a little restless of a sleeper the first few nights though b/c there was some pain from the incisions, but nothing too bad. Very controllable with pain meds, & I weaned myself off of those in a couple of days. Bring some sore throat logenzes though, it's not unusual to have a sore throat from being
intubated during surgery, mine wasn't too bad though. I got my surgery done on a Friday & I took Monday off too just to be on the safe side, but really by Monday I was feeling 95% back to normal. My stiches would tug a little for about a week, but the pain by & large went away after a few days. Good luck Patty!


Mega - March 22

That's right, I had the constant urination too, Florabel. At one point the first night I was up going to the bathroom like every 20 minutes, but it cleared up by Sunday for me.


patty - March 23

thanks florabel and mega ! thats right MEGA , i had my appt. yesterday. i am scheduled for march 30. but there is a problem. my af has not arrived . i have had brown-black staining -heavy at times for the past week. but no real af. i am going tonight to see my RE to see what she says. if i do not get af- they will have to postpone the operation- which i do not want. i just want to get it over with ! i am really scared. i have to stay in for 48-72 hours. thats how it works here in italy. tommorow i have my pre-operation exams---do you have any idea what exams are performed ?


Mega - March 23

Patty--they'll probably draw some blood, just to make sure you don't have any infections, or anything like that. Maybe an u/s? I'm not really sure, I just had to have some blood drawn, that was it for me. Since you'll be staying in the hospital for a few days they'll keep you pretty well pain free, I'd imagine, so that's good. What CD are you on now? I hope AF comes soon. Did the RE discuss giving you Prometrium? That's what I took to get AF in time for my surgery. However, with your week of heavy staining/spotting of brownish blood I'd imagine the red stuff isn't too far behind. Hope so!


Elena - March 25

I patty you have nothing to worry about. I'm 23 yrs and I was trying to conceive for almost 1 year and I finally found a great fertility doctor and he said that I should get a laparoscopy and a d and c to find out why I was not getting pregnant. Well I had this surgery done in Sept of 2005 and they found out that I had lots of scar tissue around my tubes. They removed everything. and within 2 months of going back on birth control to regulate me because I have PCOS and 1 cycle of clomid that did not work. I manage to some how conceive in December. The doctor said it would take 2 months and voila in January I found out I was pregnant with my first baby. I am now going on 14 weeks this tuesday and in my 2nd trimester and I owe it to this surgery for the reason of me being pregnant right now!! The surgery was not bad I woke with lots of nausea and soreness. Little pain in my shoulders from the gas rising but other wise everything was good. My surgery took a little longer because of all the scar tissue that was found. It took about several days to recover. But I took a week of work just incase and was good and new. I came out perfectly fine. So hope this helps you in the long run. Good Luck and Baby Dust**


patty - March 25

thanks elena for sharing and good luck ! i am wondering what does the gas feel like ? what kind of feeling is it ? and will i need someone at the hospital to help me get up --since i will have to be in for a few days ( thats how they do it in italy )?


patty - March 26

what ????? ---now i am freaking out. i just saw a post about laparoscopy and gaining weight. no replies yet. but is it true ? i never heard of that ? i knew the gas makes you feel fat -but- weight gain ? i am going to keep any eye on that post ! since i already am about 10 lbs overweight -that does worry me !


Jaqi - March 26

Patty - I had my lap done 2/8/06. It was about 45min - 1hr long. They found endometriosis. When I woke up from surgery, I was just groggy...normal. They said once I could eat some crackers and juice, and hold it down, and then pee, I could go home. As soon as I could, I chomped down the food and peed! I wanted out of there and to see DH and parents. As far as pain, they give ya meds, but I also took 2 hydrocodones (Vicodin) by mouth before I left. I just felt a little sore but nothing bad at all. I went home about 30min after waking up...I drank and ate, then went to the bathroom. I spent the rest of the day eating ice watching "I Love Lucy." I felt perfect the next day but knew I had to take it easy because of the stitches. Just try walking around the house a little bit to keep the left over gases moving around. I went to the mall the day after my I probably wasn't supposed to BUT it helped with all the air. The gas feels like a sharp pain in your shoulders. You will feel it when you lay down especially. Just prop some pillows under your head and it will help you sleep. That's what I did. I took off work for 2 weeks because of the nature of my job. I am a police officer and I didn't want to take any risks with getting into a fight and hurting my surgery site. Just take it easy after the sx. You will be a little bit sore..some are worse than others. You'll feel sore getting in and out of cars, I did a little bit. I just moved slow. You'll be fine!! It's a good time to catch up on sleep!


Jaqi - March 26

Oh yea....I've NEVER heard anything about gaining weight after the sx. You might loose a couple of pounds from the sx, but that's from not eating too much if your not feeling well. That will usually come back, and maybe another pound or two. Just remember, some people's bodies react different. Some use sx (surgery...just in case someone didn't know) as an excuse to pigout, then want to blame the sx for the weight gain. I did NOT gain any weight! So, don't worry!!!!!!!!


patty - March 26

thanks jaki---! i feel so much better now with everyone input about their experiences !!!!!! good luck to all!


patty - March 27

JAQI- i was wondering what treatments are they using on you to treat your endo ? i am curious because my RE suspects endo and just curious to knew how it is treated ?


kelly ann - March 27

hi, i had lapro, last year, it wasnt bad, the worst for me was the prep, day before i couldnt eat, only broths, and no red or orange jello, only lemon, so i was pumped with antibiotics, as a infection preventive and had to do fleets phosfasoda, to empty the bowels, then the next day surgery wasnt terrible, a year later i still have endo it came back full force as per i know from my pain, i never got pregnant but everyones situation is different, i take toradol monthly, and birth control to regulate periods, good luck and babydust to you!


Melissa - March 28

After my LAP and endo diagnosis I was treated with 6 months of continuous birth control.


Jaqi - March 28

Patty - So far, I am going to have to go through IVF they said. So......I am trying to start that process. I have not taken any meds yet for the endo. In surgery, they did not remove anything either. She said she did not want to make anything worse. I still wonder, but ok.... I have to have another dye test this Fri because the first one showed an open tube and the sx showed both blocked. Sometimes they can constrict and they will appear blocked. So, like I said, as of meds for the endo. I didn't even know I had it. They think I might have PCOS also. I am going to try the IVF route and hope for the best!!!! :o) WHen is your sx again?


patty - March 28

jaqi-thanks for responding and good luck ! my surgery is on thursday.well, they told me to show up thursday on an empty stomach -first i see the anesthelogist and then i guess in the afternoon surgery . i already did the pre-exams last friday. i am not sure about one thing- kelly ann mentioned about the prep the day before. they never mentioned anything like that to me- does anyone knew -has anyone had that ? i am nervous !



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