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ambrosine - August 6

Hi ladies,
Ive been ttc for 2 yrs, and finally finished my first IVF cycle. I had my et 3 days ago, and in the UK they only put back 2 EMBIES if you are under 40 *not sure why *

Anyhow, in the UK cant find many ladies who had a successful 1st ivf cycle. I would love to know if any of you ladies have had success with 2 embies on the first try.....

lots of love

ambrosine xxx


andalvy - August 7

Hi ambrozine. I am looking at getting IVF as my tubes are destroyed and I was wondering the same thing as I can only afford 1 round of IVF. My fingers are crossed for you!!


Mega - August 7

Ambrosine--Good luck to you! I've read on other forums, etc.about 1st time IVF successes, hopefully you're one of them. And you too andalvy. So it does happen! I'm starting my 1st IVF cycle this Thurs. (starting Lupron) & we most likely will only tx 2 embies too. I hope you join us on Starting IVF July/August--Support for First Timers. There are a lot of us on that thread in various phases of our 1st cycle & there is one lady on there who just had her ET a couple days ago and she tx 2 embies as well, I believe. So you all are on similar schedules. Andalvy, where are you located? Are you in the US? Does your clinic or any nearby clinic offer a Shared Risk program like the one IntegraMed offers? It's about twice the cost 1 cycle of IVF but covers 3 fresh & 3 FET IVF cycles and offers a 70% refund if after that you don't take home a baby. My DH & I are doing that to minimize the financial risk b/c otherwise we'd only be able to afford 1 IVF cycle ourselves.


Justine1 - August 9

Yes I live in the UK and it worked first-time for us. Hope it does for you too.


Tinkerbell-Tink - August 17

I have two friends that is worked on their first time. Then the next time they went back and used their frozen embryos they also got pregnant a second time. I think it all depends on your history and the condition of your pelvic organs.
We did it three times and it did not work for us. But I also have a highly extensive amount of scarring from a ruptured appendix and ovarian cyst from when I was a teenager.
Good luck and keep your chin up!!
Hoping to adopt again ourselves!!



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