Anyone had experience with progesterone injections?
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Michelle - October 3

Last night I started progesterone injections 2cc daily. I was wondering what kind of side effects to expect. I was once on the progesterone mini-pill and had depression problems. My dr. said that progesterone is the "evil" hormone and estrogen is the "happy" hormone. It makes me wonder if the prog. injections are going to have that effect on me. Has anyone had problems with depression, moodiness,etc.? After begining did you see a noticeable rise in temps? Mine was only up .1 deg. this a.m. and is above baseline but lower than usually after O. Thanks for any info!!!


Lee - October 3

I had them with IVF and I had no problem with them. Combined with the suppositories, once you are pregnant you may feel more m/s than average.



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