anyone had CYSTS that went away on their own?
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kathy - March 18

just curious if anyone had cysts and then went for a follow up visit and was told that they went away with out medication and stuff? if so---how is it possible ?. how do they "drain" themselves.?


isa - March 18

I had 4 last year after an injectable and clomid cycle and they went away on their own the next cycle but my cycle went for about 39 or 40 days and I didnt ovulate until cd29 on this extended cycle but all 4 went away on their own with no birth control and no other meds. It all depends on what type of cysts you have. I had follicular ones which is when they open to release the egg they re close rather than disintegrating and become a cyst. Some docs put you on bcp but mine didnt because I've had so many problems with bcp in the past. Hope I have helped some.


kathy - March 18

thanks isa---but did you feel anything they helped you to believe that they shrunk ? any weird or odd bleeding or spotting-or- was your cycle just a bit longer ?


soimpatient - March 18

Hi Kathy, I had a complex cyst that was larger than a tennis ball and it went away on its own. The doctors were kind of surprised because it was so large. When the cyst ruptured I had severe pain (ovary area) and heavy bleeding which I thought was my period. I went to the hospital because of the pain and they did an ultrasound and said that the cyst was gone. I don't know how it "drained" or how it was possible but I do know that I had a large cyst and now I don't.


Red - March 18

Last year I ended up having an u/s due to some pelvic pain and they found a cyst. I started acupuncture & herbs and it went away on it's own. I think my doctor was a little surprised. I just found last week (during a dx lap) I have a hemorrhagic cyst on the other side. So I'm starting acupuncture again and I hope it'll go away on it's own.


isa - March 19

Hey Kathy, my cycle was longer, we cancelled my meds (I get regular u/s for fertilty monitoring) and so I knew cd 3 of my 4 cysts and we cancelled the cycle. I continued with my bbt and cp and cm watching and knew when I ovulated but dh was sick and we didnt even have a chance that month. Once af started I went back in cd3 for another u/s and low and behold they were gone but since xmas and clinic wasnt open for a bunch of days I couldnt do a med cycle since they couldnt monitor me so we did a natural iui (didnt work) but at least we tried. I do not remember feeling any pain at all with them other than during orgasm for some reason was very painful that month.


kathy - March 19

i do not knew what is going on for me- i wish my cysts would shrink. i am late for af by 8 days and nothing-no bloating feeling. just some heavy brown spotting when af showed have arrived . the discharge lasted a few days. i knew i am not pregnant because my fertility specialist had us use protection during this 1 month testing cycle. but the weird thing is before af i get so bloated like a ballon and instead i feel normal -no bloating. i wish these darn things would just shrink.- any input from anyone about this ?


jen - March 20

i also have cysts--but what are the "signs" if any that could help us guess if they are going away? do you spot or bleed, is there any pain or soreness in the ovary area ? is af delayed a bit ?


Megan - April 2

Hi. I just read this. I was diagnosed with a hemorrahagic cyst on day 16 of my cycle. Bled for 3 days, then it stopped. Does this mean, that there is no way that I could be pregnant?


isa - April 2

Jen - the only way you can tell if they are gone or shrinking is by an ultrasound. Megan I'm sorry I dont know anything about that kind of cyst or pregnancy with cysts.



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