anyone had CYSTS that went away on their own?
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patrizia - October 23

just wondering if ayone had cysts that have gone away on their own ? did you have some bleeding -? any cramps? i was on injections--(canceled cycle) due to a suspicious mass(cyst -endo)? I already had laparoscopy on march 30. i go in next week for something called ecoflussmetro-and blood tests---. last week i had some bleeding. can i hope that this mass--cyst got smaller or even went away.? please -if anyone had cysts disappear PLEASE SHARE !


cdmrose - October 23

Hi patrizia, yes I had an ovarian cyst a couple of months ago. It went from a normal, ovulatory, 2cm diameter to a painful 6+cm diameter in a week, and then it went away after my period. My doctor told me to take it easy (no bd'ing or exercise), or I could end up in ER. She said it could bleed if/when it ruptured, as per the vaginal ultrasound. If it didn't go away after af they were going to operate. The only blood tests given to me were progesterone and CA-125. I hope everything works out for you - keep us posted!


patrizia - October 23

thanks cdmrose. yep--those and a whole bunch of other blood tests are the ones i need to take. i guess they are markers if is a tumor or something ...what exactly are those blood tests for?


isa - October 23

when I had the cysts i had to take the cycle off i had the cysts i had 4 and they were 30mm, 26mm, 23mm and 22 mm so not 1 but 4 large ones. I was able to cycle again after skipping a month. I had been on clomid and injectibles. They figured the follies when they released closed themselves back up and didnt shrink the way they normally do or when i O'd only 1 of the 5 released and the others continued to grow larger. They went away on their own without help from meds or anything.



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