Anyone had an Endometrial Biopsy?
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Ann - January 26

And if so, what was your experience with it? How painful was it? Did your dr give you anything prior to the procedure for the pain? What were the results?


Lori - January 26

Hi Ann. I have had several endometrial biopsies. Some have been very painful, while others have not hurt at all. If this is your first, I recommend having someone drive you. I say that only because my first was sooooo painful. (Not saying that to scare you, but that was my experience). My Doctor always told me to take Ibuprophen or motrin before the procedure. The reason that I had to have them was I had hyperplasia. There are four stages - simple, complex, atypia and cancer. My results 75%of the time ended up at atypia where cancer could not be ruled out, then I would have to go in for a D&C so that cancer could be ruled out. Thank goodness it always was. I hope this helps. Take Care.


Jen - January 27

Hi, Ann. I've only had one, but I hate to say this it was awful. It was incredibly painful and I hope I never have to have that test again...sorry, didn't mean to scare you. My results showed that everything was normal. Sorry, I wish I had something more positive to say about it. Hang in there!


Ann - January 27

Hi Lori and Jen. Thanks for posting. I would rather hear the scare stories and be pleasantly surprised than be caught off guard (as I was with the hsg--"mild cramping" was a joke). I am a little unclear as to why they run this test. Can either of you tell me (or anyone else)? I need to do some research. I had a lap a while ago and have left over vicodin. It may sound bad, but I will be taking it before this test if I take this test!!


Lori - January 28

Ann - I can only speak for myself as far as why the test was done. There may be other reasons. I had Hyperplasia - an over-growth of the lining of the wall of the uterus. This was due to not having periods to shed the lining. And also is an indication of uterine cancer. That is why I had to have one every 6 months to a year, and then a D&C would follow if cancer could not be ruled out. If your doctor has mentioned a thick lining, please have the biopsy done. It is always better to be safe then sorry!! I hope this has helped and I wish you the best.


Lori - January 28

Oh, and I totally argree with you about the HSG - "mild cramping" my A**!! It hurt like heck and I could hardly walk afterward!! (My luck - they had a problem with the x-ray machine so they had to keep running the dye!!) But, everything worked out well. I hope it did for you too.


Ann - January 28

Hi Lori. My hsg did work out just fine (fine as in tubes were clear). That hsg is seriously the most painful thing I have ever endured without pain meds!! I read what the endo biop is for. I don't have any problems at all. It is just one of the routine tests the RE does. It checks to see if your lining is "in range" for the cycle day you are on. If it is out of range, you may have a luteal phase defect. I need to talk to my dr on Monday to see how necessary he thinks this is and, if there is a problem, if the problem is treatable. I feel terrible for your having to do that test every 6 months!! Are you ttc now? If so, do you know your infertility issues?


Ann - January 28

BTW, another reason I am so scared of this test is because my mother had one done when I was a teenager (not sure why she had the test). She told me to never allow this test to be done unless you are put "under" because it is incredibly painful. I didn't even know what the test was until this week, but I have always remembered the words "endometrial biopsy." I have some vicodin left from my lap surgery, and if I do take this test, I am going to take that beforehand. That may sound bad, but I really don't like taking meds (is why I have meds left over). However, I do like avoiding pain in that area of my body especially!:)


Lori - January 29

Hi Ann. Glad to hear that your HSG was fine. I would question the need for the biopsy, especially if you don't seem to be having any problems. My RE is able to look at my uterus with the u/s and see if it is where it should be for what day my cycle is on. Here is just a little ttc history on me. DH and I have not used any form of birth control for 12 years and have never conceived. I used to be really messed up with my cycle and sometimes literally go 1 - 2 years without AF. About 2 years ago all of a sudden everything became normal for me in that area (no idea how or why). Didn't think much about it at the time because we had adopted and were foster parents. Then my world changed with all of that (another long story). So, we decided to ttc. The only issue I face now is my age (43). DH has a sperm morphology problem too. But we are trying anyway... my life has taught me that "you just never know". What are your fertility issues, if any?


Ann - February 17

Hi Lori. I am sorry I never responded to your last post. Somehow I missed it! I only saw it yesterday when I pointed the person that asked about the "endometrium biopsy" yesterday. I went back and checked where this post was. I hope you see this when it bumps up. I can't even imaging how the drs must respond to your age. I am 36 and I feel like they think I am 50!!LOL I just recently found out that my fsh levels are elevated and I also had endo (removed last fall). The fsh is likely why I can't conceive. Dh is perfectly normal. Do you know what your fsh is?



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