anyone had AF for 1 day and NOT be pregnant ?
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patrizia - September 11

my last AF only lasted a day --2 days but very scanty. is that normal ? why does it happen ? i just started( last week) puregon injections and i knew i am not pregnant because i had a beta test done beforehand. anyone had a very short AF ? AND anyone knew what is the cause-i just want to make sure i am not alone. my af usually lasts 5 days but never really heavy. thanks!--ttc for 18 months. i had a lap done on march 30. i had an ultrasound sone last friday-they said no cysts-that i could start puregon that night. but i am worried that my af disappeard on day 2 of my first puregon cycle.--but i did spot for a few days after.


lovemy3 - September 11

Hi there, Look on this board or the previous board for a post called "3 day periods" and you will find quite a bit of info. Mine only lasts for 1 day heavy and 2 days very very scant and I also was concerned. i am ttc#4 and when I had my previous 3 I had 4 day af's that seemd more normal. now I am worried about menopause as I am 37 now and feel my light af's are hormone related and that is why i am not getting pregnant. i asked my dr about them and her response was, "it just comes with age" whatever that means. On the other post some women have some other thoughts as well. good luck.


thayward7 - September 11

Most of my cycles on Clomid were very short and scant (except the first cycle, but I wonder about a chemical pregnancy then because I had a 9 day period). I think because you start the shot so early in your cycle it affects you period? I don't know for sure though. Smiles and Babydust... T



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