anyone had a period for one year straight?
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lil96 - March 27

Hi everybody! Let me give you a little background before I get to the stuff.
So I am 28 years old, I have been married since 10-2004. In 1-2005 I had my last period, sort of. I didn't have anything no bleeding, until 3-2005. Since then it has been everyday, either bleeding heavily or spotting in no pattern or cycle, just randomly. I went to dr z last march. He told me I needed to decide to have kids or not have kids; well he said either take birth control or clomid. That was a big decision to make without even knowing what was wrong with me. I thought about it for 3 months when I went back to the dr again, but this time a different one, dr I. Dr I put me on Provera and told me not to worry. I took Provera for a week or so, my period got crazy heavy uncontrollable then went away for 2 weeks. Then it started back up. I went back to Dr I, he did blood work, said everything was fine and gave me some more Provera. I had the same results as the first time and still didn't know what was wrong with me.
About a month ago, I started having crazy heavy bleeding again, but this time without the Provera. I got scared and went to the dr again, but I asked not to be with Dr I. They put me with Dr z. He said the same thing, except he seemed more serious. He told me if I didn't do something now I would get uterine cancer. I had to choose Clomid or birth control pills. He told me the Clomid would help me to get pregnant, if that is what I wanted. He told me I could otherwise take the birth control pill and that keep me from getting pregnant for 3 months (the time he recommended) then I would have a few months of high fertility, then I might go back to the spotting/bleeding/infertility.
My husband and I decided we should try to have children, because we both want kids (we didn't really think now would be best, but it may be our only option) This is definitely a problem that needs to be addressed.
Ok my questions are (and I have contacted my insurance people hotline, the pharmacist and the doctor). Everyone says start on day 3 of your cycle and come in for testing on day 21. But I don’t have a cycle, when do I start? On any arbitrary day? For example the 1st is coming up, should I do it then? OR should I wait until a Monday? Should I take my temp everyday for a month and see when my temps go up and down? How should I do this?
When I asked the doctor he said to guess when my cycle would be, I don’t think he understands no matter how many times I tell him, I don’t have a cycle, but I have bleeding everyday.
When I asked the pharmacist, he said I should not be taking Clomid until I have a cycle, either by taking Provera or the birth control pill. He said it will not work effectively.
Out of desperation and feeling like no one listens or cares, I called the insurance company hotline; they told me it would not be covered under my insurance first off. But their overall answer to my question is that they don’t feel comfortable answering questions about Clomid, because it should only be used on women with cycles and only when you are trying to get pregnant, not for the regulating of periods.
I don’t know what to do; I am getting really nervous about this stuff. I welcome any suggestions or comments. Sorry this is so long, but I have to tell the whole story, so you can understand what I am going through.


lil96 - March 27

I just feel like my drs aren't listening to me or they think I am making it up. I don't know what to do.


kelley32 - March 28

First of all, you came to the right place, I think that you'll find alot of people here who will understand you and feel empathy towards you. What type of doctors are you seeing, are they Gyn's? I would definitely start charting my BBT (go to fertility, to make it easier to perhaps see a pattern. Wow, bleeding every day!? I`ve never heard of that, I can't imagine what it must be like. Have you done any research on the net? I would find a doctor who was understanding and willing to listen, and would keep looking until I found one. Good luck, and keep us posted, sorry I couldn't help more.


Lori - March 28

lil96 - I was the exact same way you are. I probably only had about 20 cycles between the ages of 12 and 28 (and they were so heavy that I had anemia as a teenager) Around age 28 I started bleeding and didn't stop. My ob/gyn told me that I should have a hysterectomy or I would for sure end up with uterine cancer. Have you had any endometrial biopsies done? This is the regimen that I followed. Birth control pills for 3 months to try to regulate the cycle. (This did stop the bleeding / only had break through bleeding every so often). After that clomid and trying to conceive for 3 months. (The bleeding came back with a vengeance). After bleeding for about 8 months straight with only a day or two break at a time, I went on to provera. That had the same effect as the birth control pill. I was also informed to use condoms during intercourse as there is a high risk of birth defects if you do get pregnant. After a month of provera alone, I was put on glucophage with the provera. I still had irregular cycles for about a year. But with the glucophage, I lost about 60 lbs. and my cycles became regular. I am now like clockwork - every 30 days! And I must add that I have put on weight again and still am regular. I don't know if weight is an issue with you or not. I highly recommend the biopsy, your health is important whether trying to conceive or not. Have you been diagnosed with anything at all / what are they saying is the cause of the bleeding? Have you had any blood work done to check levels. I also had a high FSH level. I also have to tell you that I went through the processes of medications on and off for a period of 8 years. But, I believe that the thing that did it for me was the glucophage and that it helped me lose some weight. Hope this helps!


lil96 - March 28

thanks you guys!
ok let me try to answer everything:
I am seeing obgyn. Yes it is miserable, and very unpredictable, somedays, I'll have just alitlle spotting then suddenly, the flood gates open and I immediately have to run to the bathroom and everything is soaked, completely through my pants(within 5 minutes!)! then next day back to spotting. I have had to replace my sheets and blankets because i wake up and I am just soaked in blood. That is what really scares me. sorry to gross you out, but back to the questions.
I have looked up different stuff on line, but i feel like everything I read is what it is, but the dr doesn't really listen to me when I say I read about ... and I think that could be what I have, he tells me it must be in my head because my blood work comes back normal.
Between 12-21 I maybe had 2-3 periods/year then they became "regular/irregular" (as my dr called them) They were every 6-8 weeks. I had always been right around 100 lbs until i hit 21, then between 21-24 I went to 130 then by 25 I was 160. I am 28 now and 190 (fatso I knnow) oh and I am 5'4. But everyone kept telling me I had always been too skinny and i needed to gain weight , wehn i did I didn't stop!
I have never had a biospy done.
They tell me the cause is in my head, I don't think hey really believe me, unless this happens to people all the time and that is why they are so noncaring about it.
I'll have to check out glucophage. I have never heard of it.


Lori - March 29

Hi again. If your doctors are not listening to you, please find one that will. Ask your family doctor to recommend a few good ones to you. Also with the weight gain, definitely have your thyroid levels checked. I was also put on levoxyl for hypothyroidism. I really can relate to everything that you are saying. Sometimes doctor's just don't listen. When I first went to see a specialist, it was always about my weight. As if the dr. couldn't see that I was a human being dispite that fact. The dr. I see now is awesome and doesn't even see my weight as a problem with ttc. Not that I am trying to diagnose you, but it really does sound like PCOS - that can also cause weight gain and irregular periods. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions that you might have. Hopefully I can be of some help.


lil96 - March 29

Thanks! I have had my thyroid checked, they say it is normal. I have raed a lot about the PCOS, I think that really sounds like me, but the dr says no I am fine, t is just in my head. I want to shout at him and say OK if it is in my head, then why when i think it away does it not go away?
Another reason I think PCOS is bc in yhe past year I have gotten several skin tags.


Lori - March 31

Hi lil - If I were you I would hunt down another Dr. Take a list of PCOS symptoms with you and point out to the Dr. the ones you have. Be assertive, afterall you are paying for the Dr.'s time!! Some Dr's just don't believe that PCOS exists (for lack of a better way to put it). Also seek out an endocrinologist or see if your Dr. can refer you to one. It sounds like you have a Dr. that is not interested in treating your symptoms. I just want to come to where you are and smack your Dr. up side the head, lol!! Keep us informed on how it is going for you. Take Care.


lil96 - March 31

a lot of times I feel like he just wants me to be prego and it isn't that I don't want a baby, my husband and I would love kids, but we haven't been actively trying or researching or anything. So I feel so clueless as to this stuff. (I know a lot about kids, nothing about pregnancy)


Annette - March 31

Hi, to add to the many suggestions givenhere, did you have all your hormones checked? i has a spotting problem for a coupleof weeks onceand then at another time very heavy bleeding for 3 weeks straight. Both the times my testosterone levels were very high and i had to go on birth control pills for at least 2months to regulate hormones. my doc said that high testosterone levels may cause spotting and/or irregular bleeding. I have been diagnosed with pcos and annovulation and my hormones are all over the place. Maybe you shoud check this out too,if u havent yet.


kelley32 - April 2

lil96, a decent doctor would not think that bleeding continously was in your head, I am flabergasted that there are docs that think this way. Do you know if you ovulate ... are you trying to conceive, and for how long? Like I said before, I would try BBT charting to get a picture of my cycles. Keep in touch. XXOO


Kerri - April 3

I'm 27 and was set your clock regular from 14 until 16. I was also told to gain weight because I was too thin under 110lbs at 5'5" with DD's, once I started eating again (age 17) I put on the pounds quick and in a hurry. I'm 5'5" and 200 ish now. Since the age of 16 my period has been so out of whack it's scary, I go 6 months no period, 3 months non-stop, 4 months nothing, 9 months non-stop. I can't get the docs to do much about it except try me on 10 different kinds of birth control. They stop my period and then nothing for a while. I lost weight 2 years ago (70lbs) and things started regulating but then I was in a car accident and pretty much bed ridden for 3 months and I still am not very well off and can't excersize much at all. The longest I went without my period was about 11 months and the longest with it was 13. I also do the spotting to heavy in it with no pattern to it. There is also alot of heavy clotting involved. I'm seriously sick of docs that won't run the tests I need because I don't have health insurance. It's hard for me because I want children. I've always wanted them and my marriage ended in very large part because I couldn't concieve. Now I'm again at a place in my life that I'd love a baby and while people around me have kids they don't want I can't have one of my own. It's disheartening. Pretty much all the advice I can offer is that when I had lost weight things did start regulating... it was a hard thing to do though because I had to cut myself down to fruits and veggies with a little chicken and tuna and tons of walking (about 7 hours a day of light walking) the walking wasn't hard because it fit in well with the job I had but it took me over a year to lose the weight eating 800-900 calories and all that exersize. If you want to talk or compare notes feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]

Best of luck no matter what...


Rhysmom - November 1

I am in the same boat. I have had my period non stop for almost 2 years. My husband and I want another baby that is ours ( we have three one is mine from a previous relationship and he has two) But I feel like we are never going to get a break to get pregnant. I lay in bed and cry at nights cause I feel so trapped. The obgyn has done tons of tests and biopsys and I have been told I have the walls of a woman not having a period.... Its frustrating and im getting tired of it. I dont want to have a hysterectomy right yet but almost seems like my body is giving me no choice. I really wish they would figure out what it is thats doing this to us.



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