anyone had a LEEP proceure?
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ADR - June 19

I had a LEEP procedure in december and in january had a follow up and the doc said everything was normal. my husband and I have been TTC since feb. of this year..and since i got my AF today, we have been trying now for 6 months...has anyone got pregnant after a LEEP? how soon? Am i crazy for feeling sad aout not being preg yet?? I am so scared...i want a baby sooooo bad!!! but i have to keep trying for 6 more painful months before a doc will see me for infertility right?? someone please help!!! thanks!


ADR - June 20

okay am i the only abnormal person on this planet??? someone please help...


Drew - June 20

Sorry, I've never heard of that procedure, but why dont you talk to the doc who did the test about infertility? Good luck!


christina - June 20

can you tell us what that is exactly?


MM - June 21

I got pregnant about 6 months after a LEEP.


ADR - June 21

a LEEP is when you get a bad papsmere...then they do a biopsy and if it comes back that there are high grade pre cancerous cells..then u have to have LEEP. The LEEP procedure is done so that they can remove small parts of your cervix to get rid of the bad cells...thanks for your post MM...there is hope for me!! we are going on our 6th month of TTC...hopfully its my month like it was yours!!


bump - June 22



christina - June 22

thanks for explaining, i heard of it but wasnt sure what it was for, hopefully it works for you! all my best to everyone dust


M.M. - June 23

ADR, I had a LEEP performed in may 2003 After I had to go back to the doctor for the next 3 months for a year to make sure all my Pap Smears are normal. Everything turned out normal and I got pregnant August of 2003 we weren't trying, although I also had fibroid tumors which I still have, so If I had a healthy baby no problem you will too. No sweat. Everything will be fine.I am now seeing a infertility doctor for my fibroids. Thank god for my lil girl. Good Luck to you and your husband.


ADR - June 24

M.M.- Thank you so much! I had my LEEP last december. So far I have had one pap and it came back normal. Plus the lesions taken from the LEEPcame back with the margins all clear. I am just so scared. I asked the doc when i would be able to get pregnant and he said within 3-4 months. Its been almost 6 months of trying so i was getting worried. BUt i guess i shoudnt worry for another 6 right? ahh i hope it happens this month! wish me luck!!


M.M. - June 24

It will happen. Don't think about it. It will happen before you least expect it.. LOL Good Luck!!!! ( hUgS)


ADR - June 24

Thanks for the hugs M.M.! =) and thank you for the support and reassurance! I need it..could you by any chance sprinkle some baby dust?? lol =)



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