anyone good with BBT charting?? HELP!
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Bubblesofjoy65 - May 27

I have been charting my temp. Normally I am a 28-31 day cycle, I ov'd On CD 22 which pushed my cycle out farther. My temps have been staying steady after OV.

here is my chart, anyone have any clue does this look like a preg chart??? help!!!


Bubblesofjoy65 - May 27

here is my chart


Bubblesofjoy65 - May 27



MuzikGurl - May 27

My doctor gave me a paper chart to keep track of and a few rules on how to take it accurately and how to chart what's going on I charted in Dec. 05 to April 06 I started clomid 50mgs. in feb but didn't get pregnant did another round in march and on April the 13th I found out I was already 6 weeks pregnant. I am now currently about 12 weeks pregnant. I don't like the online charts your dr. should have paper charts available if not you can use graph paper and ask your dr. if he could draw out a chart for you and write down rules and how to take ur temps accurately and make it less confussing....I have a chart on I will post the link so you can look at mine. The computer says my temps aren't accurate but they are according to my paper chart and my dr. is very pleased on how I charted. Good luck. BY THE WAY IF THERE IS ANY BREAKS IN THE ADDRESS TAKE THEM OUT.


MuzikGurl - May 27


MuzikGurl - May 27

you can ask me any questions if you like my email address is: [email protected]


Bubblesofjoy65 - May 27

Thanks MuzikGurl - although I wasn't able to look at your chart. Just takes me to the log in screen. By what you see on my charting does it look promising? Can you tell me any guidlines he gave you that would be at all helpful to me? I take my temp every morning at the same time give or take 15 minutes, I do not drink. I do not get up or move much until my temp is taken.


MelissaV - May 29

I just took a quick look at your chart. I could definitely see the temp change after you o'd. A lot of what I read says that I triphasic chart is a good indication of pregnancy, and I don't see that yet.'s not a definite sign---my charts the past 2 cycles have been tri, but unsuccessful. Remember that when charting to look at the big overall picture of your temps. If your temps stay high (or go higher) around af time or af is late & temps are still high that's a good sign. I can't show a pg chart, but you can look at my chart last cycle (on prometrium) had a big temp dip right before af. RIght now, just hang in there & be patient (easier said than done, right!?) Oh, and do you know how long is your luteal phase normally is? Here's the link to my ff chart last cycle. Good luck!!!


Bubblesofjoy65 - May 29

Thank You - Melissa V. My cycles since i've been on metformin have been averaging 28-31 days. Why this one is pushed out NO clue. I had a progesterone test on cd21, that was neg, I just figured it was going to be a month of no OV. Then my temps Started going up and are staying up. I am getting Very antsy. Here is my last month chart - I tied in this months with it just to see what it was looking like... with this one my temp dropped big time right before af started. ...I know some others that have a biphastic chart and had steady temps like me and are pg. I'm trying not to give up hope. Just been wanting this for so long, My brain is saying " af is comming" but my heart is saying IM pg. Lets hope this is going to be a late b-day gift for me as my b-day was yesterday 5/28


Mega - May 30

Happy birthday, Bubbles. Your chart looks good. It is possible that it's starting to go triphasic, but only time will tell. But like other posters have said, triphasic can be a sign of pg, but not always. One of my friends said her triphasic chart was the one right before the cycle she got pregnant on. Then the next cycle the temps didn't go triphasic or anything and she ended up with a BFP. They say the best indicator is 18 straight days of high temps, & you are off to a good start. Hopefully you'll get that late b-day BFP soon. Good luck!



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