anyone going for IVF in dec/jan ...wants to share thots
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aish - December 4

hi iam going to satrt my BCPills from today IVF process will start this month


JenG - December 4

Hi, you should join our "December/January IVFers" thread as many of ladies are going though IVF in Jan. I am currently going through IVF now. See you there!


cmelissa - December 5

Come join us AISH!!! Over on the Dec/Jan thread - its so helpful and everyone is fabulous!!


iijjeoma - January 12

hi i am very excited to find this site. i followed the previous thread and think u r all strong women


iijjeoma - January 12

I am actually considering ivf this month but would have to wait for AF. This will be my first ivf cycle, after 2 failed IUIs and a couple of years ttc naturally.


Mega - January 14

iijjeoma, I saw your post about thinking about IVF & thought I'd jump on in. Sorry about your 2 failed IUIs. I did 6 I think & never had any success. Sometime you need to get more agressive, + we have male factor too so I felt IVF-ICSIs was best for us. Anyway I post on the Jan/Feb IVFers thread, along with these other ladies. Please join us! Great place to get your questions answered. It's an active thread, but lots of us are either actively doing IVF now, pg from it, or have done it at least once before & waiting for AF to try again (like me)!



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