anyone gets cramps soon after ovulation
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aish - March 8

anyone??// why it happens? As i am experiencing cramps 2 weeks before my periods, i have high prolactin level though


Pinky - March 8

May be it's ovulation cramp.


babyloves2play - March 8

I think it could be ovulation cramps. This month is the first month that I really felt them. Probably because of clomid. It almost felt like af was coming but it isn't due until 14th or 16th (my cycle varies). Around time I was suppose to ovulate cd's 18 thru 20 and a couple of days after that I cramped really bad. Now I'm on cd 26 and the cramps have eased off, I just have mild twinges in lower abdomen.


aish - March 8

yeh i know with clomid u exp. i took that in december...i hope we all in this board get pg soon...


JENZEY - March 8

I had these cramps too, my doctor told me they were ovulation pains & tend to be worse if you are on Clomid.



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