Anyone get pregnant w/ cysts
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DCL - October 25

Hi All -

Need some hope and support! I have 3 cysts on my right ovary that were leftover from last month. I was on clomid & IUI for three cycles and did not get pg. My Dr noticed that I had 3 cysts and was told to take a break and would not approve injectibles until the cysts went away. So was wondering if anyone got pg on their own with cysts. My DH and I are just heartbroken, we just found another friend of ours got pg in the 2nd try - amazing!!!! I had to leave her party early the other when she told us the news. What gets me is she knew we were having problems - anyways we are happy for them but even sadder for us! Also, I was told that I may have to do a laparascopy. Anyone had one?


Tink - October 25

i have a friend who had one, but it was large and just was already there - not from fertility drugs etc. She got pregnant, had some complications and a rough time, but now has a healthy happy little boy. i just had 2 removed during a lap that we didn't know were there. i guess leftovers from my 2 previous IUIs or something.


DCL - October 26

Tink - how was the lap? I have once scheduled at the end of Nov. Hopefully I get pg and don't have to go thru a lap. I am sooo scared of what they find in there. We have been trying over 14 months since my m/c. I got pg the first time with only a few tries but my Dr said my blighted ovum could have been a bad egg. MY DH has very good numbers so I think it is me or timing. HOw was the recovery with the lap?



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