Anyone get Pregnant on first round of Clomid?
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Deby - December 20

Thanks rayne. Maybe I will then begin bding on day 11 and go every other day, but maybe do day 14 as well just in case. I have preseed as well so hope all of this works!


Deby - December 20

Rayne - Was this your first month on Clomid? How long is your cycle usually?


B - December 20

Rayne-how did you know you were going to ovulate on day 18? I am due to start clomid this cycle but I normally ovulate at different times of the month. My dr put me on it because of LPD and it is supposed to regulate ovulation. I am just not sure when to expect ovulation. Also a big congrats!


bump - December 21



Jill7 - December 22

Waiting to see, I will let you know!


Jill7 - December 23

Just found out that i am pregnant and yes, it was my first round of clomid



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