Anyone get Pregnant on first round of Clomid?
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Anne - December 14

I am what I believe to be 3dpo after my first round of Clomid. I used the clear blue fertility monitor to detect my o. I was wondering if any of you ladies got pregnant after your first round of clomid? Thanks for your response.


cisca - December 14



Lindsey - December 14

No, I'm on my second round


Multiples Mom - December 14

Yes I got pregnant on my first cycle of clomid (50 mg). I also used the ClearBlue Easy monitor. Good luck!!


Deb - December 15

Multiples Mom - I am on my first round of clomid 50 mg too beginning this week. HOpe I am as lucky as you! Are you having multiples I take it?


Multiples Mom - December 15

No, I already had them 2 years ago. But I'm on this forum because I would like one more child. Not wanting to take clomid again thought because I don't want to risk having multiples again. (no more room in my house!!). Hoping I'll have luck with vitex and other natural herbs and such.
I wish you much luck and lots and lots of sticky baby dust!!!!!
Are you doing IUI also?


Deb - December 15

WOw so you did though have twins with your clomid the first time. Only 50mg? I would love to have twins after all of this trying! God bless ya! All of my testing came out normal so we dont know why we arent getting pregnant. I hope the clomid does the trick! The is only my first round so I think my doc wants to wait and see what happens before we try iui..but I guess that is the next step. We'll see. Any suggestions on the days to bd? I will be taking my pills day 5-9. The nurse say to bd every other day beginning day 12-18. I was confused as to why we cant every day if my dh's sperm is ok. Can you share your experience? Thanks for talking!!!!


Anne - December 16

Was anyone also using cb ferility monitor?


Tracy - December 16

Deb, my doctor told me that even if my hubbie's sperm are great to only have sex every other day so as not to diminish the supply. Sperm can live up to five days or so inside of a woman so every other day is sufficient. Plus he said every day tends to make it become more of a chore than a pleasure.


Multiples Mom - December 16

I was also using the ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor. (stupid me gave it away to someone after I had my kids). I loved it!
I actually had triplets but I also did IUI which increased my chances of conceiving. I also had unexplained infertility.


Molly - December 18

Hi Anne, I wish I could tell you I got pg on my first round of Clomid - I was really hoping to! I have read on here of a few people who have though... I am cd17 on my 4th round of Clomid. I have been taking in days 5-9. This month I used a digital Clear blue easy opk and I go my surge 2 days ago. We had bd the day before and so I waited until the day after my surge to bd again. I also got some ewcm the day after my surge (which i never get!), so i thought that would be a good day to bd. Apparently every other day is sufficient, as i have also read that the sperm can last up to 5 days - is the 'conditions and environment' is right. I've also read that sperm can live longer if you have ewcm. Good luck!


Deb - December 19

Thanks Tracy for the advice. I am just trying to figure out what days I should bd. I am due to ov on day 14, so should we begin bding on the odd or even days. Any suggestions?


Rayne - December 19

YES, praise God! After 11 months of "trying" (and only one period -- the usual for me, as I have PCOS), my gynecologist put me through the usual tests (i.e., confirmation that I wasn't ovulating through a blood test, HSG, sperm test for dh), and then prescribed Clomid. Took 50mg (days 5-9) in mid-November. Ovulated on day 18 (following intercourse on days 11, 13, 15 and 17), had first positive hpt on day 28, and am now 6 weeks and 2 days along! Ultrasound at 5 weeks 6 days confirmed a heartbeat -- so keep your chin up and God bless!!


Rayne - December 19

I should also add that the Clomid caused major hostile (i.e., nonexistent) CM. Therefore, I used Pre-Seed (a special, sperm-friendly lubricant) for intercourse on days 15 and 17.


Anne - December 20

Thanks Rayne for sharing your wonderful story. I hope you have a happy adn healthy pregnancy..Happy Holidays to you!


Brie - December 20

Rayne, I am on cd 26 right now. Think I ovulated on day 14 or 15.....Still waiting to hear results of the progesterone test from my Dr. Do you think it is too early to take a hpt? Also, do you k now if I got a positive on the ovulation test, if that means that the egg was def released?
Congrats to you! What a wonderful relief and surprise that must have been. :)


Deby - December 20

Thanks rayne. Maybe I will then begin bding on day 11 and go every other day, but maybe do day 14 as well just in case. I have preseed as well so hope all of this works!



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