Anyone get pregnant after 2 failed IVF attempts??
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cmelissa - December 26

Just need some encouragement and hope that i still have a chance of becoming pregnant - i hope!! I have unexplained - all tests came back normak for me and dh, we are both 29. I just got a bfn on my 2nd attempt of ivf! Plan to start a new cycle once Af shows!! Any advice or success stories would be great! I have enver seen a + on any hpts, i'm getting very discouraged :(


ROBYN - December 26

Mel - go to IVF Connections Mega sent me there when i had all those beta questions those girls have awesome stories and you will find answers.


mommy2josh - December 26

Caron, I have a friend in Israel, who went through 6 IVF cycles before conceiving her DD. She went through 4 more unsuccessful IVF cycles while ttc#2. She ended up conceiveing #2 while on vacation taking a break before her 5 IVF attempt. She conceived #3 naturally with just 1 month trying. I am praying things will work out for you soon. You know we love you and wish nothing but the best for you and your dh. ((((hugs Caron))))


linds99 - December 26

Read Brook Shields book "Down Came the Rain" she did it about 6 it the last time. (And she also had unexplained infertility, other than cervical issues, but that didn't matter because they bipass the cervix with all this stuff so she was also "unexplained" in that sense). I found her book easy to read and very very honest and interesting. Her story gives hope, but shares her hardships and triumph.


cmelissa - December 26

Thanks guys you are the best! I honestly dont know what i'd do if i didnt have you all to talk to!!


Justine1 - December 27

I know a lady who got pregnant on her third IVF attempt. In the UK I think its the most common attempt to get pregnant on - they say third time lucky. Hope its third time lucky for you. There's also a website you may find useful which has lots of girls on it going through the same.


cspears99 - December 28

Hi cmellisa since going through all this infertility stuff I just recently talked to my cousin who has twins and she didn't get pregnant until her 3rd IVF so it will happen if your insurance covers three I would go for it, I wish you the best!!!


cmelissa - December 28

Thanks Justine and cspears for sharing that with us!!


jg - December 30

Hi Cmelissa - I did five IVF attempts which all failed, then got pregnant naturally (with clomid). Since having my little man, I have done IVF once and IUI once, both failed, and am considering asking for Clomid again. Good luck - it can happen even though it seems that it is impossible. We were TTC for five years before I got pregnant. :-)



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