Anyone get Preg naturally despite severe pelvic scar tissues
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Momo - January 31

I am looking for hope here. I once read a message from "t" on this board, but I'm not sure how long ago. She said despite her severe scarring she got pregnant naturally 3 months after she was told she couldn't. I have been told the same thing and I am hoping a miracle happens to me too. I've tried IVF but it failed due to the protocol I was on. I plan on trying another 1 in the next 3 months or so if it does not happen naturally. Any opinions?


Momo - February 14

Hoping someone out there can answer my question above.


Pinky - March 23

Well I was told my adhesions were not horrible and after surgery (Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy) I was told I was in excellent condition. I just hope for a miracle also Momo Stay positive



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