Anyone get a Yeast infection prior to AF each month??
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Tanya - September 29

For the last year I have been getting a mild yeast infection each month. Could this be some hormone imbalance?? Anyone know??


me too - October 1

Tanya, i have suffered for years with something like you are describing. I am so itchy all the time from my own mucous i have told so many docs and gyno's that i think i am allergic to my own mucous and they say no way...well why is it that everytime i have mucous i am itchy and when i remove it i no longer itch? I take acidophilius every day to help and many months i am taking monistat to try and counter act the itchiness. Rarely do i have the cottage cheese, never a smell and always my tests are neg (ive been checked for everything including std's etc) and all neg. I finally was told to see if my ph level was too acidicky and it is. Apparently that can cause what you are describing also. To make a more balance of alkaline and acid you change your diet. I just havent quite figured that out yet though but yes you are not alone. Hope this helps some. Oh i am more itchy right before af then middle of cycle .



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