Anyone get a BFP on 14 dpo, after a BFN on 13 dpo?
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thayward7 - January 15

I just need some hope. I am feeling so down - I don't think this cycle worked AGAIN... I just need some hope to make it through today, and then tomorrow will bring what it is meant to bring. 5 cycles of IUI - 4 with Clomid, 1 with Clomid and Repronex. All cycles with Ovidrel and Metformin. 2 cancelled cycles due to hormone issues. Anyway, any hope would be appreciated! Smiles and Babydust.... T


tonyaandjoe - January 15

don't give up keep on praying.


thayward7 - January 15

Thanks for the positive thoughts Tonya... but unfortunately, AF showed this afternoon, so that answered my question. Babydust to you... T


lovemy3 - January 16

Hugs!! hang in there. New hope for next month. Hugs.


thayward7 - January 16

Thanks lovemy3... what would I do without this supportive site! So many women who know exactly how I feel. Smiles and Babydust to you... T



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