Anyone from VA?
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matzgrl - October 5

I'm looking for a RE in Northern Virginia. I've already found a few, but I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations.


aish - October 5

hi i am going to shady grove ...i hope i will get some good results...crossing my fingers


cmelissa - October 5

Hi Matzgrl, I'm using Washington Fertility - Dr. Asmar - he's awesome! Also I know people who have used Shady Grove too! Good luck!


matzgrl - October 6

Hi Aish aish and cmelissa! I just checked out Shady Grove and Washington Fertility. I was told that it would be highly unlikely for my fertility issues to be covered by my insurance, but Washington Fertility has my provider listed as an insurance that they accept. Is this too good to be true?!!


hoping - October 6

Washington Fertility is supposed to be very good. That's who I will use if I can ever get my husband to get the sperm test, etc that is a prerequisite before my insurance will cover an RE. Another hint I've heard is to find an RE/ObGyn office combined. That way they can bill some stuff as ob/gyn care even though it would be considered fertility treatment somewhere else. Insurance will often cover a higher percentage of standard vs. fertility care.


cmelissa - October 6

Hey Ladies - Matzgrl definitely go to Dr. Asmar he is so nice!! What part of VA are you guys from?? I'm from Manassas - just bought a new house there!


matzgrl - October 6

Funny enough, we are also from Manassas!


cmelissa - October 7

Oh wow Matzgrl we are so close!!! How old are you??


matzgrl - October 8

I'm 23, cmelissa, and husband is 27. How old are you?


cmelissa - October 8

I'm 28, dh is 29. Praying we get pregnant soon since we are not getting any younger!


matzgrl - October 8

Yeah...that's how we feel. We only want one or two children, but, initially, we had planned on being "done" by the time dh was 30. We didn't think it would take this long for me to get pregnant. This is our 14th month of trying. It feels like we've been trying for years!!!



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