Anyone from Colorado out there?
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celestia1977 - August 31

Hi all,

I'm 29, DH is 41. We've been TTC since March. We looked into adoption before then, but then I realized I really wanted to be pregnant, so we're using a donor (my DH is fixed). I've gone 2 rounds with Prometrium and Clomid (I don't like the way the Prometrium makes me feel - gives me false preggo symptoms!) So far, no luck, but today's my first day on Clomid again, so we're praying it will all work out this time! Have a great day :-)


celestia1977 - September 1

Nobody from CO, huh? Oh well - I would like to hear some TTC stories from anyone and I wish baby dust to us all :-)


lorih - September 3

Hi celestia1977, I am in Denver and am on my 1st round of clomid. I am ttc my second for a little over a year now. After I hopefully ovulate I am supposed to start taking progesterone and I am really dreading the side effects. I hope you have some luck this time around! Where do you live in Colorado?


celestia1977 - September 4

Hi Lori! I'm in Arvada. Clomid's not so bad. I'm on Clomid right now too. I'm on CD 8 today. I don't blame you for dreading the side effects of progesterone. I don't like Prometrium. It makes my tired and very, very hungry. What CD are you on? I wish you luck as well :-)


lorih - September 7

Hi Celestia1977, sorry it took me so long to respond, I was out of town for a few days. When I wrote earlier I said I was in Denver but I actually live in Arvada as well. What a small world. I am on CD 12 so it looks like we are pretty close in our cycles. Still waiting on ovulation and hope it happens this month. So far the side effects on the clomid weren't too bad. Who is your OB/GYN? It would be crazy if we went to the same practice. My doctor is Kelly Moore, she used to be with Consultants of obstectricts and just started her own practice with a couple of the doctors at that practice. It is nice to find someone so close to home. I just re-read your intro so I assume you are probably using an RE. Will you be able to do an IUI or are you going to have to do IVF? I have a friend who is in the opposite situation as you, she had to do donor egg and husbands sperm. Their daughter is now 6 months old and cute as can be. Best of luck to you, it is such a frustrating process, especially after spending so many years trying to prevent pregnancy.


celestia1977 - September 11

Hi! Sorry I didn't respond in a while. I was out of town also. We went to La Foret, which is a camp type forest place near Colorado Springs (it was a church thing). Anyway, wow! we are on the same cycle days I think. I'm using Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine. My doc is Debra Minjarez, but she doesn't actually do the procedures. We are doing IUI...IVF is WAY too expensive. I go for my u/s today to see how the Clomid worked. How are you doing? I'm glad to hear you are in Arvada too! That's so neat! You're friend is very lucky to have a baby now :-) Good luck with this cycle!


lorih - September 11

Good luck on your ultrasound and let me know how it goes. I am going in tomorrow morning for the same thing. I am so hoping that I am ovulating on the side that is not blocked. Is this going to be your first IUI? Best of luck to you and I hope your appointment goes well.


celestia1977 - September 11

Thank you. This will be my 3rd IUI. 2nd time on Clomid though. We'll see how many eggs I produce! Let me know how things go for you tomorrow. Good luck!


celestia1977 - September 12

Hi! I have 2 "perfect" follicles on my right side. Nothing on my left. I'm doing the trigger shot tonight and the IUI is scheduled for Wednesday at 9:15am. Good luck tomorrow! Let me know how it goes :-)


lorih - September 12

Congrats on the 2 folicles that is great. I know with a trigger shot it gives you like a 20% chance of twins, would that be good or bad for you? By the time I got to my appointment I had already ovulated and my cramps today have been horrible. She said there was a ruptured cyst on my right and my left ovary, so it looks like I ovulated on both sides. She had no idea how many eggs per side were released. Since my left tube is blocked I am going to assume that I may just end up with one. I hope it works out this month. I would be very happy just to be pregnant after a year + of trying but part of me would really like twins. We shall see what happens. I am just so excited that I ovulated on the side that isn't blocked. I will think good thoughts for you tomorrow and I guess we will be going on the progesterone at the same time. I am really not looking forward to that! Let me know how it goes and best of luck.


celestia1977 - September 13

Hi! I went for my IUI this morning. The doc says the donor I chose was "perfect". 90% motility and 44 millions little ones! We'll see what happens! I'm glad you ovulated on the right side! I hope it works out for both of us :-) I'm definitely not looking forward to taking the Prometrium, but I guess I'll do what I have to. Take care.


lorih - September 14

I am so glad it went well with the IUI and that you got a good donor. How does that work and what were you looking for. I know the friend that I mentioned that used the donor egg looked for someone that had similar characteristics as her but I am not sure what other info they give you on donors. I hope, as well that we both get lucky this month. Maybe this will be our lucky thread! I have done two days of the progesterone and so far so good. Still a bit crampy from the ovulation. Do you have bad o pains on the clomid as well?


celestia1977 - September 14

We looked for someone who has a healthy background, healthy family, and who has blond hair (my DH wants a blond kid) LOL They can do matching with a donor too, but my DH didn't care about that. I went to, looked at different donors and their baby pics and history, and then called them and ordered 2 vials to be shipped overnight to my doc's clinic. They keep them frozen on dry ice or something like that, and then my doc's clinic has a freezer to keep them in until the day it's needed. It costs about $700 for 2 vials + shipping, but it will be worth it if we get a baby! I don't get painful ovulation, but if I end up getting AF, it's twice as painful when I'm on progesterone as it is otherwise.


lorih - September 14

That is really interesting and I bet a fun shopping spree. I am still having cramps from tuesday, very strange. I am glad that you don't have the o cramps. I usually rarely get cramps at any time so being the hypochondriac that I am I am worried something is wrong. Hopefully not, just always seem to need something to obsess about. Keep me posted on how things are going and muchos muchos baby dust your way!


celestia1977 - September 15

LOL I like the term "shopping spree"! That's about what it is too :-) I'm sorry you're still having cramps. Hopefully it's nothing too serious. I wouldn't worry about it unless you get bleeding or it gets worse. I know what you mean about obsessing. I'm trying not to do that this cycle, but so far it's proving to be challenging. Oh well. Lots and lots of baby dust your way too!


celestia1977 - September 16

Lori, how are you doing? I'm anxiously waiting for 2WW to be over!


lorih - September 16

You and me both, this is absolutely the worst. You know I had my ultrasound on Tuesday and only talked to the tech and didn't know if my doctor was going to call or not. Well I checked our voicemail last night and she called wednesday night and it is too late to call her back until Monday. What a bummer, I have no idea if she will tell me anything different but I can't wait to find out. Hope you are having a nice weekend and I hope you are not obsessing as much as me!



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