Anyone experiencing the same????
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Maria - October 2

Hi there. I have just finished my first round of clomid 50 mg and after that i had a shout of PREGNYL.I had the pregnyl shot on the 23th afternoon and I think I ovulated on the 25th of september.My husband and i had intercourse on the 23,24,26 early morning and every day till today.From this morning (which is POD 4) I am having crumps in my lower abdomen.The are just like before period crumps...Is there any chance of me being pregnant, when can I do the test and whay those crupms may mean? Today I started experienced nausea as well and my appetite is increazing.....As I am working as flight attendant I normally don't eat on a flight but since a couple of days I just can't stop eating...Yesterday afret the flight I was feeling a horrible headache and I was a bit dizzy but it's not from the flight as we had very light load of passengers and the flight itself was just 45 mins....I am thinking of contacting my doctor but I am just afraid that he is going to tell me to wait.Anyway, I am feeling strange and I don't remember feeling that way during my first pregnancy.Is it possible those to be side effects from the PREGNYL?Anyone have been using PREGNYL or MENOGON?


Michelle - October 2

I was on 100mg Clomid this month. Around ovlulation time (and still, 5 days later) I have had the same type of cramps. I asked this question on another board and a woman who is a pharmacist said that ovulation on Clomid can cause that type of cramping. A number of women on the Twins/Multiples board (on this site) are using Clomid just to have twins so there is a lot of discussion about Clomid, almost more than here really. Check out that board. I really don't know much more than you but hope that that helps some. Good luck!!!


To Maria - October 2

Maria- I have been using fertility meds and asked my RE because I was having the same cramps, She told me that sometimes after releasing the egg the follicle will fill back up with fluid, giving you cramping. If the cramping gets worse, call your doctor, if it stays the same and/or fades then I wouldn't worry too much unless you are not pg, then ask for a cycle day 2 u/s (if they don't already do one) to check for a cyst. Hope this helps


Maria - October 3

Thanks a lot.The cramps have gone yesterday.....i still exprerience the rest of the sypmtoms....hopfully those may be good signs...BABY DUST TO ALL OF YOU...



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