anyone experienced this but ended up pregnant?
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crystal74 - March 9

I geuss i'm just hoping for too much. my period should come tomorrow unless pregnant(I HOPE). just started getting brown discharge, been having cramps all week, bbs so sore the last week and 1/2. I took a preg test last night cuz i was so anxious, came out neg. i cried. My question is has anyone experienced this, took the test-neg. but still ended up being pregnant? or am i crazy??? and holding on to any hope i can. the test should be right, that's a sign. but i just don't want to accept it. :(


MuzikGurl - March 9

crystal74, hey first of all long is ur cycle? what day are you on? When did u ovulate? do u even know u ovulated? When are you expecting ur next cycle to start? are you taking any fetility medications, for example; clomid? When was the last time you went to the ob/gyn or ur RE for help? all these things we need to know because your post is too vague...hope you find the answer you're looking for. take care!


crystal74 - March 9

i've been trying for about 10 months with the ovulation tests and with what my doctor told me and that's 14 days before your period. i ovulated 13 days ago. my cycle is 28 days. so every two weeks is my ovulation then the next two weeks is my period. no i'm not taking any fertility meds. i've quit smoking, drinking, everything. the only thing i take is folic acid per dr. request. every six months i see my fertility doctor. she tells me do what your doing and if your not prego in six months come see me. i've got a hspg and it came out clear. my husband has got his sperm checked twice now and they say there super. does that help u out a little more?


patty - March 10

have you spoken to your doctor. have you had all the blood tests done ? you may sound TOO STRESSED and that can be a reason why you are not conceiving. you need to stay calm.relax a bit, try to keep your mind off of ttc and i knew it is easier said then done but we are all try to conceive and it is hard for all of us ! feel better!


Chas - March 10

crystal74, what day of your cycle are you on? Are you late yet ? I had to wait 14 mos before getting my bfp and we had male issues. (low sperm count) So anything is possible, you just have to be patient. I know, easier said than done. You should try temping if you haven't already.. that will give you the correct O day and then you can use the opk's also. The month I got preg. I used the robitussin too.. I don't know if that helped, but I did use it! I am now 6 wks preg. Good luck !! and baby dust to you!


buffy2297 - March 10

You can get a false negative. how ever the brown discharge normally leads to period. Do you normally spot have discharge? You might need to improve Cm. If your cm is to acidic it might kill the spermies before they get to the egg. To improve you cm try this. one capsule of evening primrose 1000mg from cd1 til ovulation, drink green tea and grapefruit juice. Then from ovulation stop Evening primrose and start taking flaxseed oil capsules one a day 1000mg. Keep drinking tea & juice. I hope your period didn't show. Keep us updated.


June - March 10

I'm sorry....Usually spotting the day before your expected period is a good indication that AF is about to arrive. How long have you been TTC?


Hopeful Mommy - March 10

Crystal74, add me to the list of a "seems like forever" wait. DH and I are TTC #1 for 8 months now. AF is supposed to start for me today, and so far no sign of her. But I don't have any other signs of preggo either. So im very confused as well. I hope its not AF for you, baby dust!!!!


June - March 10

Hi all....I was just reading some info online about pregnancy symptoms...It seems during the 2ww everyone expects symptoms such as nausea, breast pains , peeing exccesively and so on. Guess what ladies....There arent suppose to be any sympatoms as these in the 2ww ..First, onlu after implantation well after it do we expect to be sick , and frequent urination only later in the following weeks once the placenta starts growing. I think we read too much into things and make ourselves beleive we have symptoms. Anyone agree with me?


kelley32 - March 12

My only experiences with brown discharge is day before AF, and the day I started a miscarriage. Never had ANY colored discharge during my first pregnancy, nor any pregnancy symptoms in the first 5-6 weeks. What a horrible roller coaster ride this can be. Good luck to all of you wonderful ladies out there on this bitter-sweet journey.


Pinky - March 13

Hi everyone! Today I am very sad....My last Af was on 11th Feb. I got +OPK on 24th and I beleive I ovulated on 26th. My period spouse to come today but nothing yet. On 5th march (7 days after my ovulation) I saw very light brown mucus in the morning and in the evening I got about one tea spoon blood. It wasn't really dark red but It was similar to fresh blood red color. than after everyday I saw same type mucus (very light brown). It hasn't increase the darker or any kind of spotting etc...Initially I was very excited and thought it must be implantation bleed...But BBT patern is similar to last month.. (98.10F 5 days before my AF and drop to 97.4F day before AF)....Today my temperature drop to 97.35F from 98.10F. That means my AF is probably coming tomorrow or after that, right? I have no other sign of AF or Pregnant? I don't know what to think? How reliable is BBT method? Please comment....


crystal - March 13

no luck-AGAIN.


CRYSTAL - March 13

OOPS, i must have hit the wrong button there. I did start on saturday. oh well another two weeks and we'll be trying like rabbits. i'm thinking we should try the IUI. it's not that much and hopefully it'll help. anybody do this IUI and conceive from it?


crystal - March 13

hey Hopeful mommy,
it does seem like forever. it can get very discouraging sometimes. i'll pray for you too. how old are you? just curious.


Becca - March 15

Hey ladies, I've been on this board for a couple of years now and just wanted to say, I know your pain and frustration of each month. My husband and I have had two in January of 04 and the last in January of 05, it took us about 8-9 months of actively trying in between both of those....each month got more and more depressing. My doc put me on baby aspirin and tested my progesterone and realized I have a luteal phase defect with low progesterone. I ovulate anywhere from day 18-21 of a 28 day cycle. So each month after ovulation, I started on progesterone (this was after the 2nd miscarriage) hopes of maintain a future pregnancy...well after what? ummm 9-10 months....I was pregnant, and thanks to the progesterone I am 21 weeks now...just found out we are having a girl!!! I am telling you this, not to show off and to be insensitive, but to tell you, I know they frustration that you go thru each month your period shows up, I would cry and want to give up...but wow, I'm finally there!!! I cannot believe it...!!!! It's taken two years and two miscarriages, but I think we're finally getting the baby we've been trying for. Good luck to all of you and I pray that it happens for you all very very soon!!!!



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