anyone expecting a/f around the 26th?
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Dina - April 16

I am on my third month trying after m/c in January. We are using the clearblue easy fertility monitor for the first time and hoping to have success this month! Can't wait till the 26th! Anyone else?


Kristen - April 16

I am suppose to start on or around the 28th. I am on my 2nd round of clomid. I wish you good luck!


Milissa - April 17

This two is my third month trying and charting and I'm dure for a/f around the 26th. I'm hoping this time around worked ( well your always hopeing). in waiting milissa ''''good luck''''


Mary - April 17

Me too the 26th. Hope af won't come. Good luck to all will keep posted.


Dina - April 18

Thank you all for your comments! It's always nice to know you are not alone. Is anyone else using the fertility monitor? Let's hope we don't see af this time...keep me posted!


rebecca - April 18

Dina Hi! I am on my forth cycle of chlomid and have been ttc for over 8 months now-maybe longer. Finally detected my ovulatin this month with home testing sticks, they showed positive result on days 16 and 17 so we were making love every two days from day 7 right thru to the 17th - what a trial that was!!! My period came on the 26th last month, i'm praying that it doesn't return this month. Let me know how you get on. I did do a home test yesterday which was negative, 10 days too early to test but i couldn't help myself. do you think if i were pregnant it would have showed a positive even though it was done so early?


Dina - April 18

To rebecca, I think that may have been a little early to test. I would love to start testing now too but I think it would come back negative and that would be so discouraging. I'll force myself to wait I guess!I have read that with the clearblue easy tests, you can test 4 days prior to when your period should arrive. My monitor told me excactly when i was ovulating and we tried...and tried...and hopefully it worked this time! At what point did you decide to try chlomid? Hope everything works out for you...good luck...and keep us posted!


Rita - April 19

Hi! My partner and I are also using the Clearblue digital ovulation tests. This is our second month of trying after we suffered a miscarriage in January. Af is supposed to be due April like you I am hoping that it never arrives!!!
Good luck to you everyone else on this crazy path to parenthood!!


racheal - April 19

ia m due on the 28th of april and i hope i get pregnant even though during ovulation i spotted the whole time. Anyone have the same problem this month


Crystal - April 19

I am due on 28th. I went yesterday for my 21 day test to see if I ovulated. Pray that I did. This is my first round of clomid. I dont have af at all I have to take provera to have af.


Dina - April 20

To Rita-I too suffered from a m/c in january and this was our third month trying. I would love to not see a/f for the next nine months but I will have to wait and see. How far along were you when you m/c? I was about 8weeks.



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