anyone exp a big huge blob of discharge?
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char - April 5

hi gals, i wld like to ask whether anyone experience tis huge blob of discharge when past ovulation period? is tis sign of pregnancy or preg is not possible? my heart sank when i saw it tis mornin .. to me it seems another disapptin mth but some fren advise tat it may indicate preg?


char - April 5



Claire - April 5

Hi Char

I'm having the same hun. I thought i'd already ovulated so bf and i were at it like rabbits now im think i ovulated late.

Hope someone posts soon

baby dust


char - April 6

hi claire
r u ttc? hv u been bd even before u exper tis big blob? jus a sharin but i read an article posted by a pregg lady who mentioned tat on her 10dpo she exper tis huge glob too! let's keep my fingers cross .. *baby dust*



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