anyone ever heard of this?
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diem - July 18

I heard a myth that your pet (dog or cat) can tell if you're pregnant before you find out. Like they act diferently and want to lay on your belly.
Anyone ever heard of this?


Jaqi - July 18

I've never heard of that, but then again ya never know! Check the web for this info


Mega - July 18

I've heard of that yes. My friend swears her cat knew she was pg before she even got a + HPT. I've thought I was before based on my animals' weird behaviors though & so far I've not been pg. Guess my animals' are (were) just goofy. :) Dogs & cats do tend to be much more sensetitive than we are, so anything is possible, in my opionion.


jojo33 - August 11

yes they can they can sense it


Tammy276 - August 11

Oh yeah, my moms dogs knew. I would go over to her house, and they were all over me giving me kisses and laying on me....they never acted like that before I was preggers. They can sense it....just like dolphins can sense it too....When me and my hubby went swimming with the dolphins on our honeymoon, the first question they asked was if anyone was pregnant because if you were, you wouldn't swim w/ them because the dolphins would ignore everyone else and only pay attention to you.


diem - August 11

I'm very curious to see if I notice a difference in my pets' behaviour once I actually become pg. They lay on my all the time so I might not notice a change...LOL



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